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Art in Ink; Traditional Japanese Tattoo Designs and Process

Japanese art is deeply engraved in the tattoo culture, and other factors such as local beliefs and symbolism contribute to the classic designs available. In choosing the traditional Japanese style of ...

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“It’s tee time!” : Golf in Japan

Golf’s entry into Japan has entertained not only the people who brought it but also the people in the country. See how such sport for the “upper class” and avid international golfers...

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Autumn in Japan: Famous Festivals and Momijigari

Japan's autumn is best known for the beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange found in the leaves. The foliage of the autumn trees, along with the comfortable weather, make it a fantastic time ...

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Best Anime Events in Tokyo

If you are a fan of Japan and all things about anime interests you, then this list is for you! Tokyo hosts many events related to the anime culture, making it the holy ground any anime fan from around...

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Legacy of the Bluefin Tuna: Costs and relevance to the Japanese diet

Bluefin tuna is renowned as one of the top-class tuna and one of the most prized fish in the Japanese restaurant industry. This expensive high-grade fish is usually served in top-notch sushi and sashi...

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Persisting culture within garments: Kimono of Japan

Cultural expressions can be manifested through various platforms, and clothing is one of them. Japanese history is known for its deep traditional background that echoes until today; an example of this...

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Traditional Japanese Custom: Sending Greeting Cards

Sending greeting cards to friends and family far from home has been a long-held Japanese tradition. Greeting cards can express things like appreciation or concern and has been important as part of the...

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Woodworking Arts: how the Japanese of a millennium ago built to last

An art that lasted for a millennium and will continue to do so; Japanese woodworking is more than a traditional craft. Learn more about the wonders of the art of Japanese woodworking and even yet, exp...

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