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Japan Embassy: Your First Step to Japan

Japan is a country open to the world, especially to its neighboring nations. Initially, one must get a visa from a Japanese Embassy in their area. Aside from this, they provide a lot of other services...

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Breakdown and Structure of Kyoto City Population

Kyoto is more than a city in Japan, it bears a long historical emblem of the country’s culture, and still holds much importance in the current era. Kyoto is among the most populous cities in Jap...

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A Look into the Emperors of Japan and the Imperial Family

Japan has been ruled by many emperors throughout its long, and rich history, a tradition that to some extent, continued to the current era. Japan is also claimed to be the oldest monarchy in the world...

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Deconstructing and understanding Osaka’s population

Osaka is a major city in the island nation of culture. A place for business and tourism, the city continuously attracts people from different places within the country as well as from overseas, transl...

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Who are the Gaikokujin?: Number of Foreigners in Japan

For various reasons, foreigners have considered Japan as their sanctuary, permanently or temporarily. As travelling has become commonplace for many people, Japan serves as the receiving end of such a ...

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Trade Volunteer Work for a Genuine Japan Experience

Help others and help yourself. Volunteer work is an epitome of human kindness and you can find various opportunities in Japan. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler, experience a different fee...

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Tokyo, the Largest City Population in the World

Tokyo is the largest city in the world in terms of population. The capital of Japan itself is a world of its own, but how big is the city and population really? Learn more about how Tokyo got its high...

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Tokyo to Hold Olympics for the Second Time

Japan has prior experience in holding the Olympics and has never failed to deliver. While the world awaits as Tokyo hosts the Olympics for the second time, here are a few things you should know to app...

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Tokyo 2020, How Japan Has Prepared for the Upcoming Olympics

The Olympics is one of the most famous events in the world, and Japan is trying to keep it that way. Because of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the Olympics has been rescheduled to July 23, 2021. Her...

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