Explosion of Cuteness!!! “Games X Food” Clay Art


So cute! Where can I get this? These adorable sweets, food and drinks are made in the image of game characters that are trending in Japan. But you can’t eat them! Because they’re actually made from resin and clay!

NendoZaiker-SNAIL is a popular polymer clay artist that creates game inspired clay art. A photo of the finished clay art is uploaded on Twitter and Instagram, whilst a tutorial video of the making process is uploaded on Youtube - it’s very satisfying to see how everything comes together. 

The material NendoZaiker-SNAIL mainly uses is DAISO 100 yen polymer clay. It’s available in various colours like red, yellow, black, blue, green, etc. (This is the product.)

NendoZaiker-SNAIL’s clay art includes terrariums, figurines, miniature rooms, and more. This time, we will introduce his very unique take on clay art combining Games X Food

Kirby Manju with Hoshi-an

Manju is a Japanese traditional confectionery that is usually filled with anko (red bean paste). Instead of anko, these clay Kirby Manju are filled with Hoshi-an or star paste. In reference to Kirby’s favourite mode of transport, the Warp Star, perhaps? 

Mario Salad with Grated Star Cheese 

A colourful salad with power mushrooms, poison piranha plants, and bullet bills as toppings! To finish it off, have some freshly grated star cheese! A hearty healthy salad indeed. 

Among Us Chocolates

With a professional-looking box, these chocolates look ready for sale. Although, we have to say, these chocolates look kinda sus… 

Psycho Soda

Melon cream soda is a traditional Japanese cafe drink, especially delicious in the summer. In a long tall glass, melon soda is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top. A plate of Napolitan pasta or omurice pairs super well with a sweet and refreshing melon cream soda. Recently, in addition to the traditional green melon soda, other types of drinks in different colours are also popular. 

This is NendoZaiker-SNAIL’s impressive rendition of a cream soda with Mewtwo in its centre. The reason it's called “Psycho Soda” is because Mewtwo is a psychic-type Pokemon with signature move Psystrike (called Psycho Break in Japanese)

By using resin, NendoZaiker-SNAIL was able to recreate the Mewtwo submerged in liquid effect. The highly-detailed pokeball ice cream scoop also took some effort using a toothbrush, ice cream scooper, and metal stick to finetune the textures. We recommend watching the tutorial video to truly appreciate the work behind the art. 

Switch Controllers and Mario Sushi Set

I never thought I’d want to eat character-themed sushi until seeing this! Tuna Mario, ? box tamagoyaki, goomba uni, blooper squid, and other types of sushi sound delicious! What would Switch controller sushi taste like?

Who knew clay art could be used in such a creative way. NendoZaiker-SNAIL has truly outdone himself as a master of clay arts. Follow his Twitter and Instagram to catch the latest creations, and check out his videos on Youtube. 

Photos provided courtesy of NendoZaiker-SNAIL (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). 


Originally from Malaysia, came to Japan to study in 2019 and stayed on for work. I love travelling and dream of one day visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan. What I love about Japan is the nature, culture, and food!

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