Okonomiyaki Pencil Sharpener and Other Unique Product Designs


Hitting LOFT stores in Japan this October! An okonomiyaki pencil sharpener whose pencil shavings look like dried bonito flakes! Due to popular demand, creator Mitiru’s design of okonomiyaki pencil sharpeners that went viral have been made into an actual product! In this article, we will introduce the okonomiyaki pencil sharpener as well as other unique designs by Mitiru. 

Creator Mitiru (ミチル) designs and creates interesting and unique everyday items like stationery, lifestyle goods, and more. The items Mitiru creates look like something you can find at a Tokyu Hands or LOFT store, but sadly most of them are “fictitious (架空)”. We, and many of Mitiru’s fans, hope that this will change as many (if not all) his designs deserve to be made into products! 

Okonomiyaki Pencil Sharpener

Mitiru’s most popular creation is the Okonomiyaki Pencil Sharpener. The initial post went viral on Twitter in Japan with over 500 thousand likes (below). 

It was even featured on television - TBS Television “THE TIME” (below). 

The popularity of the okonomiyaki pencil sharpener brought it to Okonomiyaki sauce company, Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.’s attention who in collaboration with Mitiru have turned it into a product! You can buy them on Otafuku’s Official Online Shop on Rakuten (here) or buy them in-store at LOFT (certain outlets nationwide) from mid-October 2022 onwards


Earlier this month, keychain okonomiyaki pencil sharpeners were also released as gachapon capsule toys. They were available in 5 designs of okonomiyaki with different toppings, and are of course not for show only, as they are entirely usable as pencil sharpeners! 

Let’s have a look at some of Mitiru’s other creative and unique designs that we hope to be able to purchase in future. 

Watermelon Seasoning Container

If you add black sesame seeds, it will look like actual watermelon seeds

Pizza Correction Tape

Correct with the stre—tchy cheese

Anteater Correction Tape

This anteater helps you eat your mistakes, so don’t forget to feed it. By the way, arikui (蟻食) is Japanese for “anteater”. 

Burger Tape Set

“Take-away” only. These 6 tapes make up each layer of a burger. 

Fruit Slices USB Power Adapter and Fork USB Cable

This design is too cute. The colours also make the “fruits” stand out - watermelon, mango and melon. The fork USB cable is an excellent touch. Simply genius!

Chinese Cleaver Bookmark and Book Cover

Another work of brilliance. Be careful when reading on public transportation though, as people may think you have an actual knife

If you enjoyed Mitiru’s work, follow his Twitter and/or Instagram for more interesting designs and latest updates (product releases, and etc.). Mitiru also has a Youtube account where he occasionally posts videos about his creations. 

Photos provided courtesy of Mitiru (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube).  


Hailed from Malaysia, living in Tokyo. Anime, manga, travel, and food lover. Just doing my best to survive. 一生懸命生きています。

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