Rent a Kimono from rental shop Yumeyakata in Kyoto


Kyoto is the center of cultural tradition in . How about walking along the preserved streets in traditional Japanese clothing, a kimono?

Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a popular activity among tourists when visiting. There's many rental shops, so how do you choose one, especially if it's your first time? Kimono rental shop 夢館 Yumeyakata, which provides services in English, Korean and Chinese as well, is here to help! 

Kimono Rental Shop Yumeyakata in Kyoto

夢館 Yumeyakata is the largest kimono rental shop in Kyoto with over 160 years of history. 

The choices and variety of kimono are impressive, as to be expected from such a shop. So much that it'd be hard to choose one right away! But from traditional patterns to original designs geared toward young people, you're sure to find one you like among the 500+ designs they offer

The sizes go up to 5L for men, 4LW for women, so they're also very size inclusive. They also offer hijab in traditional Japanese patterns for 330 yen.


Kiyomizudera and Kyoto Station are closely accessible from the shop, and you can wear the kimono directly to tourist attractions. You can even book a "Location Photography" package (kimono rental separate) and have a photographer follow you to certain famous sites (determined by the package you choose) and take beautiful photos of you and your companions.

Prices (general examples)

  • Kimono Rental (women):from 4180 yen and up
  • Kimono Rental (men):4180 yen
  • Kimono Rental (children) / Yukata rental:4180 yen
  • Hakama Plan:from 7150 yen and up
  • Location Photography Plan(photographer follows you to famous tourist sites):form 28,600 yen and up

There's many other plans, so please check the official English website for details and booking.


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