WeXpats Official Character “Ponga-chan” is Born


Ponga-chan is a young Japanese dwarf flying squirrel (ニホンモモンガ nihon momonga) who is a member of WeXpats and a guide to Japan.

Ponga-chan loves gliding in the wind, and studies the culture and language while travelling all over Japan. It dreams of one day flying across the ocean and is very curious about everyone who comes from outside of Japan. Ponga-chan will accompany and guide you during your time in Japan.

Do tell Ponga-chan about your hometown too! 

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Story of Ponga-chan

Dreaming of making friends with humans, Ponga-chan ventured out of its forest.

The human world outside the forest is full of fun events that Ponga-chan experienced for the first time.

However, Ponga-chan sometimes gets puzzled by the differences in culture and language. 


Rubbish disposal system is too difficult… 

Crushed in crowded trains…

Cannot make a credit card… 

Which meaning of “daijobu” is this? 


The person who sympathised with Ponga-chan and became its friend was a person from “overseas”. 

“This is a country called Japan, and I am from another country across the sea.”

Taught by this friend, Ponga-chan learnt to live in Japan. And, thanks to Japanese language studies, Ponga-chan was able to enjoy sightseeing and culture more, and more.


One day, a question came to Ponga-chan’s mind.

This wonderful friend of mine, what kind of place did she come from?

Ponga-chan’s dream had changed to “making friends with people all over the world”. 


Until the day it leaves Japan, Ponga-chan has decided to help others to live in Japan, just as how it was helped. 

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