The Miracles of Resin, Intaglio Resin Art by Chiaki


Thanks to Youtube etc. social media, resin art is growing popular these days. From resin accessories to sculptures, there are endless possibilities with resin art. This time, we introduce “Intaglio Resin Art”, an original technique of resin art created by Japanese artisan Chiaki. 

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“Intaglio Resin Art” An Original Technique devised by Chiaki

“What is Intaglio Resin Art?” you must be wondering. 

First things first, “Intaglio” is a printing technique where a design is engraved or etched into a surface, and ink is filled into the recesses to form an image. Intaglio is called “Ouhan (凹版)” in Japanese. 

The “Intaglio Resin Art” technique is an original technique created by Chiaki (@chiakiartstory) in 2018 that combines resin art and intaglio. It is a technique that transfers line drawings engraved onto a plate into resin instead of paper. Since then, she has presented a wide range of Intaglio Resin Artworks in Japan and overseas. 


With this unique process, she is able to create fine parts such as wings and scales that are made in layers and stand out brilliantly from the rest of the artwork. Each of the parts are coloured differently and may even be a blend of colours. 

Gallery of Unbelievable Resin Artworks 

It is difficult to describe the beauty of Chiaki’s Intaglio Resin Artworks, so we will just show you some of our favourite ones, and let your eyes experience the beauty for themselves. 

Tenjiku Shiyou 「天竺  紫蓉」2021.10

The beautiful colour and shine of the scales of a fish is only made possible by Chiaki’s technique. 

The Tenjiku Shiyou is a remake using the same printing plate as Tenjiku Yukisumire「天竺 雪菫」 that was made by Chiaki in 2018. Using a different type of resin this round, Chiaki is able to further express the fins and the body curvature of the fish. 

It is truly a marvel, but I have to say, the previous Tenjiku Yukisumire was already incredibly beautiful. It is inspiring how Chiaki aims to improve her skill further. Compare both, and you can see how much the new piece has improved - it's all in the details!

White Peacock ~Affection~「白孔雀図 ~慈愛~」2022.3 

In Buddhism, the white peacock represents nirvana, the colour white representing purity of mind and spirits. This artwork is a call out to the people of this world to reflect on themselves, to recognize that conflicts and war are created by humans, and thus the only one who can stop them is humans themselves. 


The heart of mercy is needed once again by people all over the world.
Regulate and purify one’s own heart and put an end to conflicts.

- Chiaki Art Story

A beautiful tranquil artwork with a heavy message, this piece was featured in the World Peace Art Exhibition 2022

Black Dragon「黒龍図」2022.6 & White Dragon「白龍図」2021.8


The Black Dragon piece (Kokuryu-zu) was completed in June 2022 as a companion piece to the White Dragon piece (Hakuryu-zu) that was completed the year before. Both works feature a divine dragon with individual scales in various hues, and a flat disk plate with writings of the sutra engraved upon it using the Intaglio Resin Art method

Many other beautiful Intaglio Resin Artworks are waiting for you on Chiaki’s official website gallery - Chiaki Art Story and her social media accounts. 

Chiaki Solo Exhibition in Nagoya (April 6 ~ May 30, 2023)

From April 6th to May 30th this year, Chiaki is holding an exhibition for her art pieces in Nagoya. It is a great opportunity to see her Intaglio Resin Artwork up close and check out the detail in each feather and scale. Aside from her classic popular pieces, there are also unusual ones, like this one-of-a-kind resin tank top! Don’t forget to check out the merchandise you can get too! 

The exhibition is being held in Arimatsu in Nagoya, an area which is famous for developing Arimatsu Narumi Shibori (有松鳴海絞り), a type of tie-dye fabric.

The Arimatsu area has an Edo-period scenery, and is certified as a “Japan Heritage (日本遺産)” whose tangible and intangible cultural properties are to be preserved for its traditional and cultural values. 

We recommend paying a visit to the beautiful traditional town of Arimatsu during Chiaki’s exhibition period for an elevated experience. And if you have time, perhaps explore the rest of Nagoya as well. 

Chiaki Solo Exhibition “World of Resin Art” ~ Beyond the Unseen Possibilities〜 

  • Exhibition Dates : April 6, 2023 (Thu) ~ May 30, 2023 (Tue); Wednesdays closed
  • Exhibition Hours : 11:00 ~ 18:30 
  • Venue : KONMASA Building, 2F Gallery 
  • Address : Konmasa Building, 1905 Arimatsu, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 
  • Access : 1 minute walk from Arimatsu Station

To Close

Love Chiaki’s work, or developed an interest in resin art? Follow Chiakis’s social media and check out her Official Website to learn more about Intaglio Resin Art and to see more of her work. 

Photos provided courtesy of Chiaki 智明葵 (Twitter, Instagram, Official Website). 


Originally from Malaysia, came to Japan to study in 2019 and stayed on for work. I love travelling and dream of one day visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan. What I love about Japan is the nature, culture, and food!

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