Japan Offers Thousands of POEA-Accredited Jobs for Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs)


Filipino workers remain in-demand all over the world for their diligence, amiability, solid qualifications, and their innate ability to adapt to various cultures and in learning a foreign language. The Japanese government has opened a wide door of opportunity for 100,000 skilled or semi-skilled Filipinos through the assistance of POEA-accredited (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) agencies.

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The Background

For many decades since the 1980’s prior to globalization, Japan, along with the emerging economies of Asia such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea experienced phenomenal growth, creating greater demand for workers and, in the process, stimulating the economies of former undeveloped countries such as the Philippines. In spite of its rapid rate of growth under the present political leadership of President Duterte, this erstwhile underdeveloped Southeast Asian archipelago of over 100 million citizens has continued to send workers to work in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The country’s contribution to the world’s labor demand spans numerous classes of industries and types of jobs, from highly-skilled professional and technical positions to maritime service crew to domestic household help and unskilled construction jobs.

For many years now, Japan has been a favorite destination for Filipinos seeking jobs overseas, as well as for graduate students pursuing advance or doctorate studies and professionals doing research or undertaking training. In recent years, however, the infrastructure development in the Middle East has slowed down. Japan has undertaken its own aggressive construction program, especially with the coming 2020 Olympics, thereby taking up the slack in labor demand in the industry and in other sectors.

Where to find the available jobs in Japan

Japan offers a vast range of jobs for Filipino OFW’s many of whom already have years of experience and many others with work experience in Philippines domestic companies. If you are a Filipino searching for a job overseas, Japan might just be your destined place for your goals. Your job-hunting chore has become an easy task through the following online job resources:

MattsCradle Blog

You can find a list of several manpower recruitment agencies all of which are recognized and accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). They offer updated job positions available for the year 2020. The list provides contact information of the corresponding agencies and a list of specific job offered. To find out more information regarding these positions, get in touch with any of these agencies. 


Workabroad.ph provides potential jobs for Filipinos in Japan Maruko International Corporation and includes the job position and the required minimum age, and length of experience required in the job. In addition, it has an active page linked to Facebook where you can apply or gain more details. A great help for many Filipino job-hunters who are avid FB users.


If you prefer to browse around through various companies offering jobs via manpower management firms or wish to deal directly with the company, try this site’s search engine. It provides sufficient detailed information for qualified applicants. Direct application to the company is as easy as clicking a button and filling out the required applicant’s information.

Jora Philippines

This site will interest fresh Filipino graduates looking for jobs abroad or those who only have a high school diploma or even a certificate in a vocational course. You can send an email for inquiries or apply through POEA-accredited placement agencies. With all these resources at your fingertips, finding a job today no longer requires a lot of walking under the sun as it used to be.


Jobstreet is one of the popular sites today, if not the most popular site, offering jobs worldwide. You still probably receive an email from them regularly since the first time you made an inquiry from them regarding a particular job. It does pay to be a pioneer and a very successful one. You can apply for any skilled or unskilled position through a hiring company based on their extensive listing.


Finally, POEA lists hundreds of jobs available at present for Filipinos who prefer to work abroad for the opportunity to earn several times over what they receive or what they can receive locally. POEA provides pre-employment orientation seminars to prospective OFW’s. Simply click the link on their website banner for more information and further inquiries.

The minimum qualifications required for such jobs

As we mentioned, browsing through the links above will provide a general view of the basic educational requirements or work experience you need to have for a particular job. In other cases, even applicants who have no experience but only have a trade skill certificate from TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) of the Philippine government can already seek a job abroad. TESDA was precisely set up by Philippine authorities for the primary purpose of training and providing skills, direction, policies and programs to benefit Filipino workers, especially those who might decide to work in foreign countries such as Japan.

In most cases, a minimum one-year experience is required in the job applied for. However, many companies in Japan offer jobs for those who have no particular experience. This is especially true for factory workers who are engaged in simple manual tasks or handling ordinary tools and equipment. Some jobs do require applicants to have the necessary 2-year-or-more experience, such as in engineering, IT or other technical positions. Proficiency in basic conversational Japanese language is a must for most if not all those who work in Japan. Many language schools in the Philippines now offer this course; or, in some cases, Japanese companies are willing to provide it for their new employees.

Proper steps to take in applying through POEA-accredited agencies

Although applying online for a job in Japan may be done easily even with a smartphone, it is best to do some preliminary investigation about several things. Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Inquire from the proper POEA authorities to approach or contact

This will not only help you determine the proper steps taken to facilitate your task but will also help you avoid a lot of pain in the process. Many cases of illegal recruiters have been reported and dealt with by authorities in the past and even until today. Do not be a victim!

Seek assistance from experienced and legitimate job-recruiters

Once you have identified POEA-accredited job recruiters for the type of work you are seeking, make sure they have many years of experience on the matter and that they possess the reputation for excellent job application processing from official authorities.

Preferably, consult with people who have work experience in Japan

It is best to inquire from friends, relatives and other professional consultants regarding the work you are applying for and the company that is involved, what its track record is in terms of worker salaries, skills training and fringe benefits. And do not forget to do research on the Japanese culture and what you must expect out of working there in a foreign land.

Important Final Tip

Above all these considerations, determine what you must expect of yourself when you decide to apply for a job in Japan. Although you might feel you are familiar with a people or its culture through meeting people from that setting or reading and watching videos about them, being there, living there and working there as one of them will definitely be an entirely challenging job in itself. Yet, one can be confident of success if you have gone through all the necessary process of applying and being accepted to start your work. Success inevitably comes to those who go ahead and do the task on hand with diligence, enthusiasm and excellence.

It is all in your hands!  

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