Fruit Picking and Other Farm Jobs in Japan for Foreigners


Fruit picking is a popular tourist activity in Japan, but it is also a viable job option for those looking to work in Japan. Japan farm and agricultural jobs, including fruit picking, is recommended for those interested in Japanese agriculture technology and those looking for a job that doesn’t require much Japanese. 

First Published: 2023-06-21
Updated: 2024-04-12

Table of Contents

  1. Fruit Picking Jobs in Japan
  2. Farm and Agriculture Jobs in Japan
  3. Find a Specific SKills Job in Japan with Leverages Global Support
  4. Find N5/N4 Japanese Jobs in Japan
  5. Find a Job in Japan with WeXpats

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Fruit Picking Jobs in Japan

farmers picking tomatoes at a fruit picking job in japan

Fruit picking jobs in Japan are targeted mainly at students who want to work part time (especially during long holidays), and working holiday visa-holders. Tourists may also volunteer to do fruit picking on a fruit farm to experience what farm work is like but cannot receive remuneration, thus “volunteer”. 

How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in Japan

Fruit picking is not a year long job but a seasonal and time limited job that follows each fruit’s respective harvest period. Therefore, if you are finding a fruit picking job in Japan, you will need to look up:

  1. Fruit Farms that are Hiring
  2. Harvest Season 

Keep in mind that just fruit picking is not sufficient to obtain a work visa to work in Japan. Agriculture and farm jobs in Japan are covered under the Specified Skilled Worker visa, and even a harvesting crew member will need to handle other duties aside from just picking fruit, like packaging and loading trucks. 

Finding Fruit Picking Jobs in Japan - Fruit Farms that are Hiring

How to find fruit farms that are hiring in Japan? A good idea is to target your search in areas in Japan that are famous for their fruits. Places with high yield of fruits will naturally need lots of help with fruit farming throughout the year, and with fruit picking during harvest season. So what places in Japan are famous for their fruits?

Prefecture Fruits
Hokkaido Melon
Aomori Apples 
Yamagata Cherries
Tochigi Strawberries
Yamanashi Grapes, Peaches
Nagano Grapes, Shine Muscat 
Wakayama Persimmons, Mikan
Ehime Mikan
Tottori Pears
Kumamoto Strawberries, Watermelons

Many of these places are also famous for their fruit farming and agriculture in general, and so are some of the best places for farm jobs in Japan. For example, Aomori, though not famous for it, also yields strawberries, blueberries, pears and more. As for vegetables, Aomori offers gobo (burdock root), daikon (Japanese radish), dake-kimi (Aomori premium corn breed), and more. 

strawberries from a fruit picking job

Another example is Kumamoto, whose fruits selection also includes dekopon (type of citrus fruit), pears, grapes, and kiwi. For vegetables, Kumamoto offers many delicious crop harvests including tomatoes, rice, and all manner of field vegatables. Another benefit of working in Kumamot and similar places is that you can experience making different types of dishes as prices of ingredients are lower. You can discover more about life and work in Japan at this special page here

Finding Fruit Picking Jobs in Japan - Harvest Season

ripe grapes ready for harvesting at a japanese grape farm

According to Kudamono-Navi, the months when fruits come into season are as follows. 

The information is based on data from Tokyo, so there may be discrepancies with other regions. Also, note that the weather may also influence the timing of harvest for each year. 

In addition, the same category of fruit may contain different specieses which will result in different harvest times. For example, apples are basically in season for half a year, but not all species of apples will ripen at the same time. 

Harvest Season


December ~ April













Japanese Plum








Japanese Pear






Western Pear




Mandarin Orange

※ 果物ナビ, “食べ頃カレンダー 旬の果物

Farm and Agriculture Jobs in Japan

farm and agriculture jobs in japan

Interested in farm and agriculture jobs in Japan? There are many job opportunities in the agriculture field, which is one of several industries suffering from severe labour shortage. This is why Japan introduced the 特定技能 (tokutei-ginou), Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) visa in 2019, to overcome the problem of worker shortages. 

What type of farm and agricultural jobs are there in Japan?

  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agricultural Researcher
  • Agronomist
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Manager
  • Farmer (rice, vegetable, fruit, flowers)
  • Food Processing Worker
  • Fruit/Vegetable Harvesting Crew Member
  • Irrigation Specialist
  • Livestock Farmer (dairy, beef cattle, pig, poultry)
  • Quality Control Inspector

and etc. 

Find a Specific SKills Job in Japan with Leverages Global Support

Leverages Global Support is a career support service that introduces jobs that require specific skills to specified skilled workers.

We also help with all the procedures required for employment and job changes, such as change of status of residence (visa type) and interview practice. If you have any problems after starting work, please feel free to contact us as well. 

If you would like to know more about specified skilled workers and specific skills, please read this article, or contact a career advisor

Recommended For

  • Specified Skilled Workers who are thinking about changing jobs
  • Technical Interns who want to switch to becoming a Specified Skilled Worker (You can try working in a new industry even with no experience!)
  • International Students who have graduated from a Japanese school but are having trouble finding a job

How to Use Leverages Global Support

Ask for Job Recommendations

A career advisor will support you with your job search based on your desires. If you would like to be introduced to a specific skill job, feel free to send us a message using the link below. 

Mention “WeXpatsを見た” at the beginning of your message, and our staff will respond promptly. 


※ A Facebook account is required. Responses will be in Japanese.

Browse Jobs Yourself

You can search for the perfect job by specifying your Japanese level, occupation, work location, etc. We have many jobs available not only for Specified Skilled Workers, but also for Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services. 


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Find N5/N4 Japanese Jobs in Japan

low japanese level jobs in japan

Not particularly interested in agriculture or farm jobs? There are plenty of other jobs in Japan that do not require Japanese for the job, simply N5 or N4 level Japanese is enough to get you by

If no Japanese is required, then why do I need N5/N4? 

For basic conversation with colleagues, and to understand simple instructions. The actual job will not require any Japanese, or will only require your native language, such as English. 

What jobs are there in Japan that do not require Japanese? 

There are plenty of jobs where you can utilise your own native language only, or labour focused jobs that do not require conversation or social interactions. For example,

English Jobs

  • English Teaching
  • Eikaiwa (English Conversation School)
  • Hotel Front Desk Reception
  • Tourist Guide and Reception

Minimal Conversation Jobs / Labour Focused Jobs

  • Caregiver
  • Construction
  • Factory & Manufacturing
  • Nursing
  • Restaurant Staff (cooking, waiting staff)
  • Warehouse & Logistics

and more.

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Find a Job in Japan with WeXpats 

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Features of WeXpats Agent

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