Staple Jobs in Japan: Fruit Picking


Not just sakura blooms in Japan, fruits also come and go! Among the wide variety of job availability in Japan, fruit picking is one of the few with little to no requirements. Either for earning quick cash or long term stability, fruit picking is a staple job for anyone. 

Find a fruit picking job in Japan

Fruit picking in Japan

Fruit-picking can either be a luxury or a job. Sometimes, tourists want to experience farm work and register as volunteers, even locals do charity work for fruit picking jobs from time to time. The novel feeling of fruit picking is something many want to experience, thus they travel to Japan.

Not all fruits are there all year round and they actually have peak seasons and schedules. If you are planning to go to Japan and fruit picking is one of your agenda, here are a few peak seasons for fruits available.

May to July Cherries
June to September Peaches
July to August Watermelons
July to August Blueberries
December to June Strawberries

Numerous fruit farms reside in Japan. Experience the beauty of nature as you walk amongst orchards and choose your pick among the fruits available. See how they cultivate and nurture their plantations. See to it that you will be able to pick what to eat, fresh and healthy choices, plucked by your own hands.

A popular fruit product of Japan are shaped or moulded fruits. Watermelons may come in square, triangle, or heart shapes. These are unique products of Japan and may not be available for first hand picking but they are available in markets. Fruit farms are those places where nature and human creativity melds.

Other than a popular activity, fruit picking is also a staple job in Japan. It has lenient requirements and is a good job for people just starting out.

Where can you find details on jobs listings available? 

There are a lot of fruit picking jobs available in Japan and they are not limited to some areas. Some regions however, have more vacant spots to offer than others because they are more fertile and more suited for agriculture. Job listing websites are available online offering dozens of employment opportunities in the Japanese agricultural industry from entry-level to professional farming and fruit picking workers. 

Where can you find details on salary, compensation and other requirements?

Salary might vary depending on the agreement between employee and employer, number of hours per week, by fruits picked or years of work experience during entry. Do not be discouraged if you have no experience regarding this sort of work, fruit picking jobs by nature requires no minimum years of work experience. To give you an idea, an average salary of a fruit picker is around $16,675 per year.

Can you apply as a part time employee?

Yes, you can! Many are always looking for that extra source of income and the market adapted. Some farms or orchards like to hire extra hands during peak seasons and are always welcome to those with limited time per week. Usual term of part time job is a fixed number of hours per week, depending on the agreement as per convenience of both parties.

How do you contact the employer?

Most online sites have easy navigation links and steps on contacting the employers directly. Often, the site where you find information on the job listing will include ways to communicate with the employer through email or other means.

Minimum Qualifications and Desired Qualifications for the Job

No Experience Threshold

Fruit picking jobs mostly have no threshold on their years of work experience, meaning you can start anytime! New people are usually taught the ropes of the job but certainly, people with experience in this kind of work have certain advantages.

At Least High School Graduate

All you need to be is be a High School graduate. Most if not all fruit picking jobs have no requirement for studying any College courses directly related on relevant fields to fruit picking. Those with any College Degree in related fields however, may have a shot for increased rates depending on the demand and need of the establishment.

Proficiency in the Japanese Language

You need to be at least at conversational level. This is important to understand basic division of tasks, jobs and is essential to work with others. For those who are hesitant because they do not have a good grasp in the language, fear not! A lot of establishments hiring fruit pickers can refer to Japanese language lesson program in nearby cities while some even directly hold programs to teach and train people.

Other Requirements

Working permit, Working Visa, other application papers and most importantly the willingness to learn. Someone will naturally show you the ropes before handing it out, but you need to make active effort towards it! The jobs may not be necessarily limited to fruit picking and may include relevant fields like gardening, planting and taking care of fields, though a little different it wouldn’t stray far. The type of workload depends on the agreement entered upon entry. Why be afraid of a little more hard when the simple formula is more work, more pay? Fruit picking can be a fairly simple job as long as one is willing to learn

How to be sure that you are applying through legitimate channels and employers

Ensure that you are only dealing with legitimate and accredited job recruiters

Working in Japan requires legal papers and permits. The process is easy and simple, just follow the steps. Note that legit recruiters will always require you to have the proper Visa and permits. Following the law is without doubt the safest way to go.

Seek advice and help from proper authorities

Seeking help from the government of origin is a crucial step if you want to fix your papers yourself. Depending on your country of origin, there may be different requirements.

Ask references from people working or has worked in Japan

Another tip for an even easier application is to ask people who had already been through the experience. Friends will always be there to help, if you know one or two who works in Japan, they can even refer you to places. Asking the right people will make it easier for you to know what you might need in working in Japan.

To Wrap It Up

Fruit picking is a staple job because it is simple and easy to learn. Don’t be afraid because you do not have any experience, people will be there to guide and train you. This is a job that can be done as part time because it has a relatively low skill threshold, even tourists and volunteers flock the farms because of this. Any skill can be learnt as long as one is willing. An easy, simple but well-paying job, what else are you looking for? Apply now!


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