Top Hiring Jobs in Japan With No Experience Needed And Minimum Qualifications


Job opportunities, more often than not are limited by the minimum years of work experience; however, not on this one. Japan is hiring a number of fresh graduates, on various fields without requiring experience. For those starting out their career, this is indeed a good start.

Types of jobs in Japan that requires no years of work experience

What jobs have no minimum requirement on experience?

Jobs that have no minimum requirement on experience are mainly because the work itself is easily learnt, has no strict requirement for background knowledge, or the employer is looking to train the applicants himself. Some of these jobs are:

  • Fruit picking and farm jobs

  • Construction jobs

  • Factory jobs

  • Housekeeping jobs

  • Caregiving jobs

  • Other types of hospitality jobs

Fruit picking and farm jobs entail simple work like taking care of the orchard, feeding the animals and help in maintaining the place. Their work mainly revolves on making sure that the fruits, produce, or animals grow properly.

Construction and Factory jobs only need to familiarize themselves with the processes and follow instructions. New applicants mostly deal with heavy liftings or assisting others before they learn how to operate heavy machineries.

Housekeeping and Hospitality jobs are mostly tasked with cleaning rooms and common areas, attending to guests and generally providing the services of the establishment. They are expected to be attentive of their duties and to always keep a keen eye for customers in need.

These types of work have no minimum on years of work experience because the company can train the employees themselves or that the employees would naturally learn as time goes on. The employers might also have active programs for people to get used to their work. They can also assign veteran staff to teach new hands. These are types of job wherein the applicant, even without prior experience, can easily cope up and learn the ropes.

Where can you find job listings on these jobs?

Almost everything is available online. Either from government commissions or from major employment agencies, they have job listings. Regardless of the type of work you wish to undertake, always only use legal and accredited channels to be certain and be free from risk.

How will they calculate salary and wages?

They have fixed regular salaries or wages depending on the type of job. Full time employment and part time job may also be a factor of variance. These types of work have no minimum requirements on experience but those with a good number of years already might be able to talk their way in for increased rates.

Can you apply as part time if you have a full time job already?

Yes, in fact a lot of people do so. Second jobs are something a lot of people who want to earn more money take in Japan. The Japanese working hours can be modified and agreements with the employer can allow you to have a fixed number of hours per week only. Note that this must not be in conflict with your full time job schedule and must not be against any prior contracts. 

How can you contact the employer or recruiter for work?

Depending on where you have found the job information, the employer will leave their information on the site. The usual means of contact is through emails if not calls, the latter being more prominent for those in the country already. Please note that only call if the advert specifically asks so. Expect the person who will answer the call to speak Japanese, as such you will need conversational level Japanese if you want to directly contact the employer. For convenience, it would be wise to go through an accredited recruiter instead.

Minimum qualifications other than years of work experience

At least high school graduate

You need to be at least a High School graduate. These types of work have a low skill floor that have no fixed requirement on any College Degree. Graduating on relevant College courses however, may have better chances and can negotiate for a better pay.

Must be willing to learn and able to work with others well

Learn from others and others will also learn from you in the future. The veteran staff will usually train new employees and those without prior experience but the latter needs to cooperate. The steps will be taught accordingly and expect that you will receive quality training. Japan trains new hands well to ensure the standard of production is maintained and that the future veterans will teach future new employees well.

Most only need the proficiency in the Japanese language at conversational level

During entry, you only need your Japanese language skills to be at least conversational. This is required to be able to follow basic orders, understand your work well and converse, correct misunderstandings. If you cannot speak Japanese at all, some employers would send or refer potential employees to Japanese language programs or sessions. Don’t be afraid to apply because you cannot speak the language well, this improves over time and is mastered over the course of the work.

How to ensure that you are applying to accredited channels and legit employers

Be certain that you only deal with licensed and legitimate job recruiters

Check for their accreditations before using their services. True and legit job recruiting agencies would never make you use illegal channels! Be sure to see if they have a good reputation and the fees are not too overbearing. To be even more certain, ask people with experience.

Seek advice from proper authorities and acquire legal requirements

Not just basic requirements but also government programs and supports are things that you should know. There are a lot of benefits if the Japanese government will help you. In some cases, the employing company will also help you to get a Visa and even reimburse your flight fees. Depending on where you are from, there may be different requirements.

Secure your type of Visa needed as per job requirement

Proper and legal way is the right way. Working Visa is needed for working in Japan and establishments would not accept you without one. Other types may also be valid like a working permit even if you are a student with a Student Visa. Note that there are limitations to Student Visa like the numbers of hours fixed per week. If you want a stable, and long term work, securing papers the right way is always the route to go.

Ask for reference or help from people currently working in Japan or those who did in the past

People with experience working in Japan can describe the work, culture, Do’s and Don’ts, and things to expect when working there. They can also help you process important papers and ensure you have everything you will need. They may be a close friend or a colleague, a far off family member or a cousin, regardless, it will be a meaningful thing to ask someone with experience.

To Conclude

There are a lot of work and jobs available in Japan. A lot don’t have any paper and skill requirements but only hard work, willingness to learn and the spirit of adventure! One can learn anything as long as he puts enough effort into it. No experience yet? No problem! Just get them along the way with these 0 years of work experience needed jobs in Japan.


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