Tokyo Skytree: A Sight to Commemorate


The capital of Japan possesses numerous tourist spots but one stands out —quite literally— from the rest. The tower's two observation decks offer a great 360° view allowing you to see the scenic buildings from the capital city of Japan to the most iconic Mount Fuji.

Facts about the famous tower

Finished in 2012, the Tokyo Skytree stands as the world's tallest tower today! It also has the tallest observation deck in Japan and the 8th world-wide.

The tower has two observation decks where you can see amazing views of the city. These two are dubbed as the tallest observation decks in Japan. 

The Tembo Deck, the first deck of the two, is with a height of 350 meters and has three attractions. These are the tall, broad windows at the top floor that provide great 360-degree views of Tokyo, a French-Japanese Restaurant called Musashi Sky Restaurant, and glass-paneled floors where you can see the bottom of the base of the tower. They also have cool their souvenir shop. 

The second observation deck named Tembo Galleria is 450 meters high, and here, you can view the city on a spiral ramp in a glass tube corridor.

The Skytree is the primary broadcast tower for the region replacing the older Tokyo Tower.

Before the Skytree came into existence, a tower named Tokyo Tower was the main broadcast tower for the region. However, as the country advanced and built taller buildings, the Tokyo Tower became unable to broadcast with towering structures and buildings around it. Due to this, it was deemed necessary to build another taller tower.

The Skytree's height of 634 meters was changed from the planned 610 meters to make it the tallest tower in the world.

Originally, the Tokyo Skytree is supposed to be 610 meters high only, but one of the purposes of building this tower was to be the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world. After deliberation and study, it was decided to build the tower with a height of 634 meters. Another reason why it became 634 meters high is brought on by the name of the old region, Musashi Province. 6-3-4 interestingly can be read asis Mu-sa-shi, in goroawase (Japanese wordplay) goroawase.This is also why it is easy to remember.

Nearby tourist spot highlights

Visit the colorful schools of fishes and penguins in the Sumida Aquarium

If you love the sea and its creatures, one great place to go to is the Sumida Aquarium with just a few steps away from the Tokyo Skytree. Here, you'll be able to see over 7,000 sea creatures. Below are the museum's attraction highlights:

  • Penguins and fur seals - Observe penguins and fur seals in one of Japan's largest indoor open tanks. You can see and watch them at a close distance as you will be in the same space rather than being on the other side of the tank's glass.

  • Jellyfish - You will be able to see different kinds of jellyfish, such as the Moon Jellyfish, Japanese Sea Nettle, Spotted Jelly, Color Jellyfish, and many more!

  • Water's Blessing Tokyo Tank - Tokyo may be a thousand kilometers away from the Ogasawara Islands, which is also dubbed as the only world heritage site of Japan. Still, you will be able to get a chance to see and witness the wonder of the Ogasawara Islands' ocean world through a massive tank in the Sumida Aquarium.

  • Edorium - Do you love goldfish? If you do, the Sumida Aquarium has an attraction called the Edorium, where over 20 breeds of goldfish swim and live in. The Edorium is also known as one of the largest goldfish exhibits in Japan.

View the immemorial beauty of the stars in a dome shape theater of Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku

Planetariums are made to be a great and amazing way to see and witness the majesty of outer space safely and comfortably. If you are wondering and would like to see and experience the activity of a lifetime after viewing the city through Tokyo Skytree's observation decks, you can visit Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku, which is just nearby. 

The Planetarium gives a unique experience through their realistic and beautiful projection of stars and the 3D Sound Dome System. It will truly make you feel as if you are looking at the real deal, and you are at outer space. They also offer three premium seats, which are crescent moon-shaped and are located at the front of the dome, which will boost the comfort of watching the stars with your companions. 

No trip is complete without souvenirs, and the Industrial Tourist Plaza Sumida Machidokoro provides that and more!

When you are up for learning and knowing more about Sumida, or if you may be curious, you can learn about Sumida at the Sumida Machidokoro at the Industrial Tourist Plaza. This is a place full of information about its history, culture, industry, and others.

You can also buy souvenirs to bring home, such as Sumida's special products of glass, leather, knitting, body care, tableware, food, tradition, and others.

Tokyo Kodomo-ku Kodomo no Yu offers a relaxing stop for parents and a playground for kids

A day of walking and going around, sightseeing may deplete you of energy. If you are looking for a place to sit and relax in, or if you have kids that want more fun and games, there's no better place than Tokyo Kodomo-ku Kodomo no Yu. 

This is truly a wonderland for kids as they will be able to do many fun things. For the younger ones, they can play in a traditional Japanese public bath themed ball pit and a climbing wall and pavilion filled with traditional Japanese festival games for the older kids. Kids can also play at the shopping street where they can pretend as owners and customers of stalls and stores. 

For the parents, they can rest and relax while their kids are busy playing. There are massage chairs available for them, and they can also buy the available refreshments for them there.

Things to try in the Tokyo Skytree

Fast Skytree tickets for international visitors are a bit more expensive but worth the price. 

As a foreigner and international visitor, you may not have that much time when you travel. To make the most out of your time and if you want to visit and see Tokyo from a different perspective, skip the long lines and buy Fast Skytree tickets. It may be a bit more expensive than other tickets, but worry not, the extra cost will save you time and will give you more chances to have fun at the Skytree without worrying about your travel schedule.

Usually, at a place like the Tokyo Skytree, many locals and tourists will be visiting, and sometimes, waiting can suck out the fun in the experience. Plan ahead of time and buy the needed tickets or passes in advance to avoid the waiting and the long lines.

Time your visits for scenic pictures and views of the sunset and the city lights

Before you set out on your adventure to Tokyo Skytree, align your visit to a time where you can take pictures and see the city in your preference. You can time your visit during the day where you can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo. If you prefer to see the sunset or the spectacular city lights of Tokyo, you can visit during dusk to night time.

Have your meals at the restaurants with your significant other while enjoying the beautiful background

To make your day or night with your special one even more romantic and fun, eat and dine at the restaurants in Tokyo Skytree. The tower's views are incomparable, and it's truly a treat to have Tokyo's scenery as your background while on your date.

After enjoying all of the above activities, explore the view further away from the tower and watch it light up in colorful lights

With the tower's tremendous height, you can enjoy watching or seeing it from a distance. There are specific spots all over Tokyo where you can greatly view, see, and take photos of the tower. Some of these spots are:

  • The overhead pedestrian bridge near Jikken-hashi Bridge
  • The walkway south of the Tokyo Skytree Town
  • Along Sumida River north of Asakusa Station

Worthwhile Sceneries and Unforgettable Fun

The Tokyo Skytree is a must-see and a must-add to your vacation itinerary when you visit Japan or specifically, Tokyo. After sightseeing at the tower, you can also visit and go to a handful of places that are also fun and enjoyable. The experiences you will make when you visit the tower, and its nearby attractions are indeed a treat. You will have unforgettable and worthwhile memories. If you haven't visited yet, make sure never to miss it when you're in Japan and plan to make the most out of your trip truly.


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