Blog Ideas When Living in Japan

Blogging can be a hobby or professional work; either way, it’s a fun and rewarding activity. Japan has been the subject of many blogs, attributed to the myriad of things to do and discover. If you are planning to start a blog about Japan, here are some ideas.

Blogging in Japan

Blogging as an open diary

Everyone loves a great story; tales of wonders from distant lands, of colorful cultures, and of unforgettable moments. The thrill of having everyone on the edge of their seats, eager to hear about a moment they can almost experience- it is magical. This is the wonder of blogging. It is sharing an adventure you have lived. You can think of blogging as an open diary, ready to pique anyone’s interest. Of course, it is one thing to listen to the story and another to tell it.

Blogging as a hobby or part of work

Blogging seems like tedious work, but one should think otherwise. Blogging is something you can integrate into your daily life. You can write a blog essentially about anything- a trip to another country, something you did for the first time, even something as ordinary as your cup of coffee in the morning. A good blog can make seemingly mundane experiences extraordinary.

Why Japan is a good place to base blogs on

For starters, a blog writer may need a rich source of content to write about. We can look somewhere with diverse and various topics to act as the content of blogs. So why not write about Japan? Japan is a treasure trove of anything you want to write about. Just the thought of writing a blog about a place where culture and technology beautifully interweave with one another should leave you speechless. A place brimming with cultural heritage, telling tales of centuries ago.

Content Ideas

Sweet, salty, savory in the streets

First off, Japan is known for its unique take on food. Just by walking around, you will be surprised by the myriad of meals you can enjoy. Coming in a wide medley of shapes and flavors, you will never run out of something new to eat and blog about every day.

Heading to the streets of Osaka, you encounter an enormous crowd bustling over street food. You spot a stall selling okonomiyaki, a savory pancake filled with ingredients ranging from pork, seafood, or beef to even cheese. In another stall, specially molded pans steadily cook a globally known snack known to originate here: takoyaki, a ball-shaped appetizer consisting of octopus cuts and green onion.

Ramen shops can be seen almost anywhere rich with the scent of savory broth. Along the way, you spot a few vendors of Bento; a take-out meal arranged conveniently or into character designs of your liking. Sweet, salty, savory- you can discuss, write a complete guide and satisfy any of your cravings in the bundled streets of Japan.

Spectacular scenery in Japan

Japan is filled with breathtaking sceneries and monumental heritages that will leave any traveler awestruck. From natural landmarks, historical temples and local attractions, you might as well write a novel with the abounding ideas you will have for writing blogs.

Heading south of Tokyo, you will undoubtedly find Japan's largest (literally) tourist attraction, one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites: Mount Fuji. This magnificent mountain touching the heights of the sky is a destination for any traveler. It has been the center of culture for centuries, and some locals still practice their beliefs by climbing this mountain as a pilgrimage in the summer.

Just by riding a ferry from Hiroshima, you are brought to another world-renowned historical landmark: The island shrine of Itsukushima or the 'island of worship.' This landmark is often on the top of travelers' lists of things to see in Japan. Spanning over 30 square kilometers, this temple is dedicated to the three daughters of Susanoo, a deity of sea, storms and harvest in Japan. Among this island's structures, making this landmark monumental is the famous giant Great Floating Gate (O-Torii). The O-Torii is best witnessed during the high-tide wherein the gate seemingly stays afloat over the rippling waters.

On Japan’s northernmost island, the country’s largest city by area is open for any traveler to explore. The city of Sapporo is a host of plenty of cultural activities for any tourist to enjoy. Among these activities is a trip to Odori Park found in the middle of a business district. This lush green park encapsulated within the cityscape can be mesmerizing and relaxing from any view.

Celebrating culture

Japan is abundant with customs and traditions attributed to history, religion, and society. Throughout the year, these festivities, gatherings, and ceremonies are acknowledged as an integral part of Japan’s society.

In Japan, lively and colorful festivals (matsuri) of all sorts are celebrated. The Gion Matsuri held in Kyoto is a religious festival held for the purification and creation of peace between evil spirits. Street food stalls line up with snacks such as yakitori (skewered barbecued chicken), wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), and taiyaki (a fish-shape cake). This weeklong festival leads to a parade and an opportunity to visit traditional Japanese residences.

During the summer, the Sumidagawa fireworks festival in Tokyo is an event you would not want to miss. This festival acts as a competition among rival pyrotechnic groups, exhibiting pyrotechnic prowess in the night while putting on a show for the audience. Writing about this kind of experience makes your blog come alive with color and lights. It will be as if the readers are experiencing those moments themselves. You can also write a blog about Japan’s reverence toward religion and ceremonies as part of their society.

Anime conventions and cosplay competitions held in Japan would be a delight for any avid fan of anime or video games. Anime is a form of any animated media originating in Japan- a form of media loved and patronized globally. AnimeJapan is one of the biggest anime conventions in Japan, boasting an attendance rate of more than 100,000 people. In this convention, numerous writers and cosplayers display their work to gain support from an ever-increasing amount of patrons.

COMIKET, otherwise known as Comic Market, is a convention held for the presentation of manga, Japan’s very own comic books. COMIKET is a field for any aspiring manga artist to shine and have their work supported by fans.  Many anime and cosplay fans who have never been to Japan often do not see this aspect in the celebration of cultures. A blog about your experience in these events can invite others to mark their maps for any anime and cosplay conventions they may want to visit. Perhaps writing about these conventions may give them more reasons to follow their passion for anime and truly be a part of their thriving community.

(Writer’s) blocks along the way

Writing that blog may seem nice, but one can never avoid blocks along the way. However, do not be discouraged with these breaks. Take your time to eye different destinations to find richer content for your blog - any place can work. Walk along the surrounding streets, and only then you will know what lies behind the next bend in the road, and don't forget to bring your camera! You may find something ordinary in your daily living worth writing about. It is one thing to write a blog, and it is another to know where to post it.

Be mindful that different social media platforms prefer specific content to another, understand and choose your audience; for example, Instagram prefers content of good food and travel images amongst others while blogging sites like Wordpress encourages more written content. Try to post or update your content daily, or maybe schedule your posts to be published on days you are preoccupied with other things to do.


Blogging is an interest that can be helpful and healthy for oneself. It does not require much effort to start, and you can take this writing time to relish unforgettable memories. Substantial content will be necessary, and a rich source of information may be your ticket to writing a good read. One can set their eyes on Japan, a country filled with wonders and cultures seemingly from another world. With all of Japan’s astounding commodities and occurrences, you will have ideas for blogs bursting at the seams.

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