A traveler's guide to enjoying Tokyo Disneyland: Optimize your fantasy land experience

Tokyo Disneyland brings out the inner child in everyone and, more importantly, it brings the world we have only seen behind the television screens to life. It is simply a real kingdom of fun and joy brought alive by our favorite childhood characters that you simply must experience yourself.

Family experience rides and attractions

As one of the best theme parks in the world, Tokyo Disneyland does not lack in any way in the rides department! The park prides itself on its diverse sets of rides and attractions. Tokyo Disneyland is split into seven unique themes, making it as if the visitors are walking to a whole new world with each section of the park that they visit!

Theme in Theme Park

The theme park is spread out and divided into different themes making each one a remarkably unique experience. Many of the rides are inspired by famous Disney characters and take you along in their stories allowing you to experience the movies as if you were there! From the futuristic Tomorrowland with the superheroes and sci-fi Stormtroopers to the magical Fantasyland, there are many places to tour and enjoy. One can even argue that you will not have enough time to see all of what the park has to offer!

The rides are not the only way to meet your childhood friends as they also roam the park - some of them like Donald and Daisy even go in pairs - how cool is that? Some characters like the iconic Mickey Mouse are yet available for meet and greets in certain areas if you want to meet them in person. But just meeting our favorite Disney characters wouldn't complete our journey, not without a parade to witness and appreciate, right? The evening parade is a dream come true then as the Disney mascots move about, waving and entertaining on top of a float parade, decorated with lights, determined to get everyone smiling by the end of the event.

With all those laid out, there are still a few activities that we have to mention. Picture-taking is essential if you want to share your experiences and keep mementos of your unforgettable trip. Pictures would be even thrice as memorable, especially if it's taken with your favorite childhood characters such as Eeyore, Tigger, and Pooh. And with all the aesthetics of Disneyland, it’s perfect for photos.

Food is a must-try with numerous Disney-inspired design and recipes in the area. Lastly, no trip is complete without souvenirs like plushies, mugs, and t-shirts to bring home, however, but that too is covered by the vast selections offered by the park stores located just about everywhere.

Trip Preparations

As a very successful and popular establishment, it is natural to find big crowds in a place like Tokyo Disneyland, so here are a few need to know things. Timing your visit is a must if you want to avoid long lines for all the attractions you want to try out.

Friday is the busiest weekday, and weekends should be avoided no matter what time of the year you visit to save your time in lines. Famous holidays such as the Golden Week should be noted as it would almost be certain that whole families will be present. Aside from timing your visit to make it less of a hassle, you can watch out for some seasonal shows by checking the official Tokyo Disneyland site.

There are certain things that you are not allowed to bring inside the park, but they are relatively standard. Alcoholic beverages, cans, and outside food are not allowed inside as well as glass containers, pets, and animals. A more comprehensive list is available at the official site.

Purchase your ticket online to avoid the long queues for admission tickets to the park. The ticket booth opens 30 minutes before the park does, creating long queues for those who didn't buy their tickets online.

Needless to say that once you have entered the park, there will be people lining up for their favorite rides, and the best thing to do then is to acquire your FastPass tickets. The FastPass system is the ultimate no to lines and allows you to go in a different express lane with a 1-hour window written on the pass. To use the FastPass ticket, you only need to look for the rides that support it and scan your ticket at the FastPass machine. And of course, the best part of the FastPass ticket is that it is entirely free, but keep in mind that they expire and are limited in numbers per day. Not to mention that you can hold multiple FastPass tickets with you but with the limitation of only one ticket per ride.

Disneyland Fun

Tips for maximum enjoyment

Arrive early to enjoy a full day of maximum fun! The park ticket booths open 30 minutes before the actual park opening making queues long, so it is recommended that you arrive around one hour before the park opening.

Make a game plan for the attractions you want to visit first and what line-skipping rides to acquire FastPass tickets for. Queue up for FastPass tickets for your rides to reduce long lines later on, and come back on the express lane as you try other rides with the shortest waiting time.

The FastPass system is the ultimate no to lines and allows you to reserve a time period for each ride. To use the FastPass system, you would need to download the Tokyo Disney Resort App, register with a Japanese account, and reserve the ride that you want to go to or get the paper equivalent for it. The smartphone app will issue the time and you can use it by scanning the QR code displayed on the app through FastPass machines. If you prefer the paper ticket then it would be available at the FastPass Kiosks at designated areas. To use the tickets you only need to look for the rides that support it and scan your ticket, or the app QR code, at the FastPass machine. And of course, the best part of the FastPass ticket is that it is entirely free, but keep in mind that they expire and are limited in numbers per day. You can only have one FastPass at a time and make sure that everyone in your group has one for the rides since you would need one FastPass per person.
*Tokyo Disney Resort App

Three of the most famous rides would be the Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, and Splash Mountain. It is highly recommended that you acquire the FastPass tickets for these rides as the queues are guaranteed to be longer than usual.

Try your luck at the show lottery for guaranteed entry to popular shows like Let's Party Gras and other seasonal specials too!.

What to eat

Creativity, once again, is taken to another level with the various snacks and delicacies in Tokyo Disneyland. Cheap, delicious, and of course, most importantly cute, the food available in the park, such as the Three Green Alien Mochi, will not leave you wanting. Imagine it this way; if the regular day-to-day churros are fantastic, then wait till you hear about the Lightsabre churros! Cafeterias and snack carts serve different creative concepts of food, like Mickey Mouse gloves chicken sandwich, the delicious tasting smoked turkey leg, which greatly complements the whole theme park idea.

Visit Tokyo Disneyland Yourself

Tokyo Disneyland seeks to bring our childhood friends and heroes to life and more! True to its reputation, Tokyo Disneyland will not fail to bring a magical experience for all its visitors. There, you can experience the Disney universe in person, eat uniquely designed food, and take pictures with your favorite characters. Visiting Japan is an adventure on its own, but going to Tokyo Disneyland is a trip to another world entirely and it is ultimately worth all the effort for a childhood dream come to life.

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