Take Advantage of the Heat! Summer Part-time Jobs in Japan

Summertime in Japan has various fun events that attract tourists and locals alike. Establishments may need extra hands and open part-time positions to those who want to earn extra yen, especially to students. Here are some of the jobs that you can expect when summer comes!

Summer in Japan

The usual peak season of when tourists flock to Japan is during spring and autumn because of the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, as well as the more bearable weather. The summer season in Japan is considered somewhat more relaxed compared to the peak seasons but still attract tourists from all over the world.

Summer vacation for students in Japan takes place in the months of July and August. During these months, students, including foreign students, seek part-time jobs.

Many spend their summer vacations with family and friends by going out of town, causing a lot of establishments to become full and bustling; hence, needing more employees temporarily. These establishments usually hire part-timers temporarily since they will be gone after the summer break. There are also a lot of summer related events and facilities that need more hands on deck. Many students take these jobs rather than just doing nothing at all during summer vacation because they have the time and they could use the money for their own summer fun or to use in the next semester.

So whether you’re a student or just looking for great part-time job opportunities, you should look right before summer for the following types of jobs!

Typical Summertime jobs in Japan

Housekeeping and other jobs in Hotels and Resorts

A lot of vacationing tourists and locals definitely need a place to stay during their vacation. That is why resorts need extra employees that would help them keep the place clean for the sudden increase of people. The usual jobs consists of greeting guests, cleaning the room and restocking of items needed by guests. Most resorts and hotels also allow their employees privileges and benefits like free accommodation during their employment and free meals during their working hours. They also at times offer free or discounted use of resort/hotel facilities and services for their employees.

English Teaching

English teaching jobs in Japan mostly prefer teachers whose first language is English or those who are fluent in English. That is why it is a great advantage for foreign students and overseas workers to work as full-time or part-time English teachers. Most English teaching jobs last 6 months to 1 year but there are also academies and schools that offer short term work (eg 3 months, 12 weeks, etc).

Moreover, there are also English summer camps sponsored by different companies like RISE Japan and Air Toyo. These camps hire foreign students from within Japan and even from different countries to teach Japanese students the English language through interactional activities and classes. They believe that English should be learned through exposure and not merely through classroom lectures. Participants of the camps range from kindergarteners, middle schoolers, high schoolers and even college students.

Summer Camps 

Aside from English summer camps, there are a lot of other kinds of summer camps available in Japan, especially for children. Some camps available are sports camps where they teach children specific sports (e.g swimming & baseball). There are also camps where they engage children in outdoor activities like hiking and camping. There are also educational camps like Japanese immersion summer camps where they learn about Japan and  Japanese culture and traditions. These camps mostly hire knowledgeable camp leaders and skilled camp leaders to administer the tasks and activities. There are schools that offer such positions like The American School in Japan for their usual Summer Day Camp, Air Toyo Camps, and more. Check online for more options, as there will be plenty!

Convenience Stores

Part-timers in Japan often apply to work in convenience stores, because it is relatively light work compared to some jobs and pays fairly well. The job mainly consists of manning the register and restocking of products as well as opening and closing the store. Considering that you are to work in Japan, it is safe to suffice that you need to at least have basic Japanese speaking skills to interact with local customers. Although it is considered a bonus point if you speak English in touristy locations as you may need to speak to tourists.

Restaurant Jobs

Tourists and locals on vacation mostly eat out or in restaurants, hence restaurants needing extra waiters and waitresses. Expect that jobs included in being a part-time waiters and waitresses are cleaning and serving customers. Some places hiring for the summer do not let part-timers take orders and some do not need them to serve customers because they have a self-service policy or because training is needed first to familiarize the specific task.

Beach and pool related Jobs

Beaches and resorts during summer are surely to be packed with both tourists and locals on their vacation. People would like to beat the heat by taking a dip in pools and beaches. That is why they need extra employees for pools and beaches. Life-guards are needed because they need someone to make sure everyone is safe. One person is not enough to overlook a wide area like beaches, hence they hire several lifeguards. Beach or pool attendants are also needed to maintain the place. The job mainly consists of setting up the place in the early morning and assisting customers in need as well as reminding them the rules and regulations of the place. 

Event Staff

Summer events and activities like the Mitama Matsuri festival, famous for its lantern lighting or the Gion Matsuri festival, famous for its gigantic floats would require employees for the time being to help them in preparations. They usually look for employees who only last after the events and activities end and what better person to hire than people who are looking for part-time jobs. If you want to be event staff, then you should be fit and healthy because event staff often do hard labor like lifting of equipment and setting up stalls.


Legal Requirements

Foreign students in Japan who seek jobs must get a working permit from the Bureau of Immigration before applying for any job. You just need to present your passport, your student visa and fill out the form, "Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted". 

※ Immigration Services Agency of Japan, "Application for Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted"

Typical Requirements 

Different establishments may have different requirements for different jobs but the most common requirements are: applicants should have a legal working visa and be of legal age (though some places do not have age restrictions). Japanese basic speaking skills may also be included. Some employers would require you having similar experience of the job you are currently applying to. Let us not also forget full dedication and hard work to the job you have applied to.

Specific Requirements

Some jobs may have specific requirements like swimming skills and first aid (basic life support) for life-guard applicants. Another specific requirement would be fluency of the English language for English teachers. Some employers would require a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate if you are a foreign student or an overseas worker before you can teach in Japan. Also, having the certificate would likely boost your chances in getting hired to teach in Japan.


It is common for everyone to dawdle and sleep during vacations. Instead of spending your vacations unproductively, why not spend it actively by working a summer job in Japan? Japan offers a variety of summer jobs that cater to both locals and non locals like housekeeping, teaching, and pool and beach guarding. What are you waiting for? Beat the heat by applying for summer jobs in Japan and earn money while on vacation now!

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