Chuo University, Producing Modern Professionals for the Information Era

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Coupled with more than a century of providing quality education, and an established reputation in Japan, studying at Chuo University gives you a step ahead of others. The university offers law, accounting, and business courses. If you’re planning to study in Japan, Chuo University should be top of your list.

Japan offers only the best - that includes scenic landscapes and seascapes, bustling shopping districts, traditional teahouses, and who can forget Japan’s beautiful Cherry Blossoms? Aside from all of this, Japan is also considered to be a center of excellence when it comes to the academe. This is the reason why many foreigners want to study in Japan - Japan is known for its competitive streak, especially when it comes to the world of research, development, and innovation. One prime example of an academic institution that upholds these values is Chuo University. 

Chuo University

Chuo University is considered as one of the most credible universities in Japan. It was first established around the mid-1880s as Igirisu Hōritsu Gakkō (English Law School) and offers an incredible array of graduate school programs and research institutions. In fact, many of its founding fathers were lawyers who had studied law in the UK. They wanted to share their legal knowledge and skills, which is why Chuo University was initially founded as a Law School and is named the Tokyo College of Law. Chuo University has stood against the test of time as a prestigious university because it withstood a lot of tragic events, including the Great Kanda Fire.

Because Chuo University provides only the best quality of education in Japan, it consistently tops several bar and board exams. It ranks Number 1 in the Number of Graduates Hired as National Tax Officers at the National Tax Agency, placed Number 3 in the Number of Students who Passed the National CPA Exam, and ranked number 5 in the Number of Graduates who Passed the National Bar Exam in Japan.  All of these achievements are a testament to the quality of education that Chuo University provides.

※ Chuo University, "Results of Success"


Because of Chuo University’s thirst for higher education and continuous learning, it offers a wide variety of Graduate Programs ranging from the Graduate School of Law, Economics, Science and Engineering, and even the Graduate School of Letters.

Chuo Law School

Since Chuo University was founded by lawyers, it is expected that Chuo University offers one of the best law programs in Japan. Chuo’s Law School Program offers four major law departments: Public Law, Private Law, Criminal Law, and International Business Transaction Law. Political Science is also offered as a graduate school course. The Chuo Law School also fosters in-depth learning through research. Students in the program are encouraged to cross-enroll in other fields for a diverse learning experience. They are also encouraged to deepen their learning by attending various seminars, training, and workshops related to their respective fields. Lastly, students are encouraged to present their research work through various internal and external organizations. 

Support for International Study

Chuo University also offers various programs to encourage its students to study abroad. Among these are exchange programs with sister schools and short term programs. These exchange programs and short term programs are proven to be very popular in the university as it is currently participated by over two hundred students. Chuo University wants its students to be successful in these programs, which is the reason why they offer the needed support to their students from financial aids and academic support.

 Also, the University offers intercultural programs to prime selected students about the culture of the host countries they will visit. Another avenue where both students and faculty can have a chance to take a glimpse of the academic culture abroad is through research programs where over one hundred students and three hundred faculty members are sent abroad to participate in research exchange activities.

Short and Long Term Study Programs and Courses for Foreign Students

Chuo University Summer Program also offers a six-week program that can help international students be acclimatized to the Japanese culture. This program is offered both in English and Japanese, depending on the preference of the students.

※ Chuo University, "International Center"

In addition, Chuo University also established the Global LEAP (Learning for Employability and Advanced Study program) with partner universities abroad. Students who are qualified for the LEAP Program will have a chance to study abroad for six months. The objective of the LEAP program is to enhance the skills and abilities of Chuo University Students to have better employment chances and opportunities abroad.

※ Chuo University, "Global LEAP Program"

Some programs or courses offered are:

1. Japanese Language Courses

 This short term course is being offered to international undergraduate students who want to learn the language. There are two levels on this course, the Intensive and Advanced courses, which are based on the foreign exchange students' Japanese language placement test results.

2. Academic Courses

This is a 100-minute short academic course class per week per semester, sometimes extended to two semesters, in addition to the students' regular curriculum available in Japanese and English medium. The academic course at Chuo University is usually taught in Japanese, on which students can enroll depending on their Japanese proficiency. For students who prefer the English and other foreign language medium, there are a lot of courses to choose from like Law, Economics, Letters, Policy of Studies, Global Management, Commerce, and more. Foreign undergraduate and graduate students interested in spending part of their degree program per semester of a full academic year are all welcome at Chuo University.

Campus Life and Student Activities

Chuo University boasts of excellent academic courses, but it also hosts a vibrant and thriving campus life! It has several university facilities such as the crescent hall used for big group lectures and even concerts, like the Trung Concert (Vietnamese Traditional Musical Instrument), and an athletic facility that includes training grounds, an outdoor pool, a rugby field, archery grounds, basketball and volleyball courts, and baseball fields. Name a sport, and the Chuo University athletic field probably has it! It also has welfare and several extracurricular facilities which have clubhouses and boathouses for the students' leisure and competitive activities.

The University also has accommodation for international students, the International Residence Chuo (IRC), and the Re-ent Tamadaira that are both located at the Tama campus. The shared international residences have their own facilities conveniently accessible to the students who live there. It provides an interactive style of living for the students to participate on a daily basis, sharing their respective cultures and languages.

Aside from all of these, Chuo University also boasts of a plethora of clubs and organizations for students to be well-rounded and to fit the hobbies of the enrolled students. It ranges from academic clubs such as Science and Engineering Club to more sporty types of clubs such as dodgeball, basketball, baseball teams, and others aiming to promote intercultural exchanges. There are events to support international students with a fusion of International Culture and Japanese culture, like welcome parties! Yes, they do love celebrations, especially to welcome new exchange students. 

Student Support Services

Other support centers and activities like disability support center to promote diversity and inclusion and counseling services are also provided. Health and medical services are also provided for both the students and faculty members at the university, which includes annual checkups, free counseling for students, and other medical services. Although some medical examinations are not fully covered by health insurance, the University finds a way to lessen the student's medical costs.

Students can feel at ease about after graduation plans as well. The University offers career development support services with various career programs that are designed to different career paths as guidance on the job search opportunities with several participating private companies.


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There are many reasons why Chuo University is the prime choice for both Japanese students and foreigners who would want to study in Japan. Chuo University has a lot to offer for the students from challenging academic courses to a campus that adheres to work-life integration. Chuo University is also chosen by many because it offers international school programs, including support for these students to be successful abroad. The university aims to cultivate students with much interest in what’s happening in our society, the laws, and regulations or as Takashi Inomata, Dean of the Faculty of Law said, “for the individuals with global legal minds who are capable of recognizing problems and presenting solutions from globalized legal perspectives.” Maybe this university is for you too!

※ Chuo University, "Academics"
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