A Must-Have For Tourists: The Osaka Amazing Pass

If you are planning to travel to Osaka, Japan, then the Osaka Amazing Pass is essential. The pass offers many services including unlimited rides through Osaka's rails and buses. It also provides free entrance for many of the city's attractions and discounts on numerous shops. 

Overview of the Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka is one of the largest and most populated cities in Japan. It is home to numerous famous tourist attractions. It is labeled as the “Nation’s Kitchen” because of the vast number of restaurants and food establishments in the city that offer a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines. These are the reasons why thousands and thousands of international tourists are attracted to visit the city. But, if you are worried about all the costs of getting around the city and going to different tourist attractions, worry no more! The Osaka Amazing Pass has you covered.

The Osaka Amazing Pass is an extraordinary transportation pass. It provides unrestricted access to different means of transportation, including unlimited rides on trains and city buses. With your Osaka Amazing Pass, you will have unlimited travel access on all Osaka Metro lines, New Tramlines, and Osaka City bus lines. You can also use the private rail lines for free if you are using a one-day pass. This unlimited transportation access is such a great deal for tourists to enjoy most of the tourist attractions without worrying about transportation costs.

The pass also offers free admission to 40 sightseeing spots and discount coupons to numerous shops and facilities. Yes, you can get the most out of your Osaka escapade and enjoy all these benefits by purchasing this amazing transportation pass.

There are two versions of the Osaka Amazing Pass. There is a one-day option that costs 2,800 yen and a two-day pass (good for two consecutive days) for 3,600 yen. You can purchase these passes at several locations, including at tourist information centers, visitors centers, certain hotels, and railway stations.

※ Osaka Amazing Pass, "1 day pass" 
※ Osaka Amazing Pass, "2 day pass"

Free Admission to Famous Attractions

Here are some of the famous tourist destinations in Osaka where you can access for free with your Osaka Amazing pass:

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous landmarks and attractions in the area. This historical architecture is such a great contrast to the modern city of Osaka. You can have an amazing historical experience at the museums and exhibits inside the castle and enjoy an excellent view at the observatory deck on the 8th floor.

From the main castle tower, you can also walk outside and enjoy the picturesque landscape of the castle parks and gardens. Osaka Castle Park is such a great picnic venue, especially in spring, because of the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms along the river. The Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden offers a perfect view of the entire castle and is an excellent spot to take pictures of the majestic design of the castle.

Without the pass, you have to pay an entrance fee of 600 yen to enter the main tower of Osaka Castle and another 200 yen as admission to Nishinomaru Garden. But, you do not have to worry about this 800 yen fee if you have an Osaka Amazing Pass because the pass fully covers these fees and more.

※ Osaka Amazing Pass, "Service" 

Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum

One of the must-visit places in Osaka with your pass is the Umeda Sky Building. This futuristic and state-of-the-art building offers so many enjoyable opportunities and memorable experiences. One of these is the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum, where you can enjoy some spectacular 3D visuals and feel good with the nice ambiance of the place. And because it is located on the 27th floor of the Umeda Sky Building, it will also give you a great view of the city while having food or drink at the cafe.

The regular fee to the art museum is 1000 yen, but Osaka Amazing Pass grants you free access to the museum and to other amazing facilities in the Umeda Sky Building, including the Floating Garden Observatory, which has an entrance fee of 1,500 yen.

※ Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum, "Visitor’s guide・Access" 

Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day & Twilight

Enjoy a wonderful cruise around Osaka Bay with the Santa Maria tour vessel. From the ship, you can have a magnificent view of the harbor and beautiful sunset if you time things well. A luxurious dinner service at night is also available for you (for an additional price). A day cruise with Santa Maria costs 1,600 yen while the twilight cruise prices 2,100 yen. But you can enjoy this cruise ship experience for free with your Osaka Amazing Pass.

※ Osaka Amazing Pass, "Service"

Aside from these three tourist destinations, your Osaka Amazing Pass will also provide you free entry and admission to other famous attractions and must-try experiences like the Tsutenkaku Tower, HEP Five Ferris Wheel, Osaka Aqua Liner, and many more.

Other Benefits of Osaka Amazing Pass

Aside from the aforementioned free entry to some tourist destinations, Osaka Amazing Pass also provides “Toku x2” coupons that you can use for discounts or gifts and freebies from other tourist attractions and restaurants.

Discounts to Other Attractions

A short list of attractions that offer discounts with Osaka Amazing Pass:

  • Tsutenkaku Tower Special Outdoors Observation Platform - 200 yen off 

  • VR Zone Osaka - 400 yen off

  • Don Quijote Dotonbori Ferris Wheel - 100 yen off

  • NINJA Trick House - 50% off

  • Kids Plaza Osaka - 10% off

  • Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugo comedians - 500 yen off

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center Osaka - 20% off

  • HARUKAS 300 (The Observatory) - 10% off

  • VS Park - 200 yen off

  • Spa World Onsen from around the World - 200 yen off for adults and 100 yen off for children

  • Soraniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower - 10% off

*Please note that these are subject to change. 

Freebies and Gifts

Here are some of the shops and restaurants that provide discounts, freebies, and gifts to Osaka Amazing Pass holders:

  • Naniwa-aji Hiiki-ya Namba - 20% off on food

  • Naniwa Meibutsu Ichibirian Dotonbori Store - 10% off (with a minimum purchase of Y1,000)

  • Tonkatsu KYK Namba CITY Store - 10% off on food and drinks

  • Ganko Hozenji Store - one free soft drink

  • Baisendo - 10% off

  • Chinese Restaurant Rhodes - 10% off

  • Okonomiyaki Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Shinsekai Store - 10% off

  • JIKKO NAMBA SKY’O - free keychain if you purchase a knife

  • All-you-can-eat Kushikatsu Kushimaru Tempozan Store - 50% off on self-served drink station

Shops, restaurants, and stores that provide discounts, freebies, and other benefits are located at the Minami, Kita, Tennoji, and the Bay areas. Other shops and restaurants in different areas are Alps Camera, Yakitori, Takumi, Tokura, Seigetsu Sushi, Okonomiyaki Hanamaru and more. 

*Please note that these are subject to change. 

Get the Most of Osaka

There are so many places and experiences that you should not miss in Osaka, Japan. In order to make the most out of it, purchase an Osaka Amazing Pass and enjoy free transportation and admission to numerous tourist attractions and get discounts and freebies from countless stores and restaurants. For a complete list of sales locations and information on how to purchase online, visit their official website. Be an Osaka Amazing Pass holder and maximize your travel without spending too much. 

Osaka Amazing Pass
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