Kyoto Nightlife: Sing, Drink, Dance and Enjoy your Evening while in Japan

No one can claim that Kyoto's nightlife is lacking. Kyoto offers plenty of places to chill and relax, with numerous bars, clubs, and cozier places to drink and have a good time. The inviting bright lights and neon signs are just waiting for you, so don't miss out on the experience!

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A Bar Tour in A Pub Crawl

The sun is down, yet it is not time to rush home. Are you out from a day of work? Or is your vacation schedule done for the day? Then going back to your hotel or apartment is the last thing you should do. Why? Because the nightlife in Kyoto is about to save your day and bring new energy to your body. 

Before wrapping up your day, there is so much that you can do in Kyoto, especially when the evening starts. Bright lights, neon signs, and party music are just beginning to arise. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and karaoke houses where you can chill out and have fun with your travel buddies and workmates. 

Pub crawling is also a great way of experiencing local cultures and traditions. A part of the Japanese work culture is drinking with coworkers after a day of work. They believe that spending time with your colleagues outside of work is relevant in knowing more about each other and in establishing understanding and camaraderie that are significant in promoting healthy work relationships. So, if you try pub crawling in Kyoto at nighttime, you might encounter and interact with Japanese workers having a good time after work.

Of course you can duck into a local izakaya to grab some food and drinks. But if you want to try something special, as a guide for your next bar escapades, here are two of the best bars in Kyoto that you should definitely check out:

Beer Komachi

Beer Komachi is the place to be if you are looking for great beer. The bar is a great place to socialize and meet up with friends or to make new ones. If you're a beer-lover, this place is perfect for you to chill out just because they offer fruity light beers, Japanese beers, and other variety of beers. But if you're not into beer, don't worry. Beer Komachi has a warm atmosphere and a fantastic list of bar foods, wine, and sake that you can choose from. Also an amazing perk, you are always connected because they have free WI-FI.


Speaking of sake, Yoramu is famous for its wide selection of Japanese sake, and the friendly owner is accommodating to explain the differences. It is perfect if you’re curious about how to drink and appreciate one of the traditional liquor products of Japan - sake; this place is ideal for adding on your list in exploring the nightlife in Kyoto. The pub offers samples of their drink and educates you so you won’t just fill up your tummy but also your mind about Japan's traditional drink. 

An Evening for Club Hopping

If you are not satisfied with just a couple of drinks and quiet quality time with your friends, get pumped up at some of the best clubs in Kyoto that will surely boost your energy and lift your spirits after a long day.

Night Club Butterfly

Are you into hip-hopping? Night Club Butterfly's music selection rotates around hip hop, rap, and R&B. It is known to be the friendliest club towards foreigners. The club provides foreign guests with a discounted charge and one free drink. A safe and friendly environment for night clubs is essential for a traveler, even locals, so good thing Butterfly offers a great and reliable venue for parties. 

Club Metro

Club Metro is quite literally named for being a part of Jingu-Marutamachi Station. The oldest Kyoto club has a wide range of music performed depending on the day and band; also, they have a scheduled drag queen entertaining night, and host charity events too! So, if you want to experience good music, people, and drinks, Club Metro is the place for you.


Chambers is easily one of the biggest clubs in Kyoto and one of the best. The club is foreigner-friendly, with staff available to speak in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Chambers is a great club to enjoy pleasant music and meet other foreigners and locals.

These clubs are just a few of many other clubs in Kyoto that you can visit. There are more clubs out there that offer different vibes and types of music that would match to your liking. So, just enjoy club hopping or check out other clubs like Surfdisco, Kitsune, The Weller’s Club, and more in Kyoto.

Sing Your Heart Out in Kyoto

If you’re not so content just listening or dancing to music, why not sing your heart out in Japan where karaoke was born? Yes, Japanese people love singing with their family and friends. And why not? It is such a fun and great bonding experience. So, why won’t you try belting songs at karaoke houses in Kyoto with your travel buddies?


Jittoku is a live-house, featuring a wide range of music acts from classic, local, to new and international. You can also book the entire place if you want to experience exclusive performances with your friends. Enjoy blues, rock, folk, J-pop, and other genres of music at Jittoku.

Karaoke Studios Doredoredo

Do you want to perform in public? Karaoke Studios Doredoredo is where you can take the stage and sing. The Karaoke offers good food and drinks and a crowd to enjoy it with. Show your talent and have a good time with other guests at Doredoredo.

And if you are a little shy about singing in public, there are plenty of karaoke boxes you can pay for by the hour, especially near Kyoto Station. 

Live and party like a local

Make the most out of your Japan trip by spending not just the day, but also the night at the active and energetic streets of Kyoto. Sing and party while having a bottle of drink with your friends to re-energize and recharge yourselves from tiring vacation days. Go pub crawling, club-hopping, or karaoke singing because, in Kyoto, a great day also awaits at night!

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