Navigating Osaka by its Loop Line

As a highly urbanized city and offering its outstanding food culture, Osaka has been one of the tourist hotspots in Japan. Another wonder is its unique rail transportation system, including the Osaka Loop Line, providing convenient mobility to the people and tourists alike in the area. 

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Introducing Osaka

Your Japan escapade will never be complete without taking a trip to one of the world's must-go cities, the proud city of Osaka. As the second-largest city in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka has been a favorite tourist destination for business and leisure purposes. The city has a lot to offer from its exciting history and culture down to its wide-ranging sceneries and attractions.

A Culinary Center

Labeled as Japan's National Kitchen, Osaka must be in your bucket list if you want to explore and enjoy delicious foods and mouth-watering dishes. The city is famous for its local specialties such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and iwa okoshi. You can also enjoy a wide variety of local and international cuisines at the over 90 Michelin starred restaurants and many other restaurants and food stalls scattered around the city. Osaka's Dotonbori district is the best place to go to if you want to binge out some street foods. Yes, Osaka is the top destination to have a fantastic food galore and memorable culinary experience.

A Glimpse of the City

Aside from being a culinary center in Japan, there are many other travel opportunities you can enjoy in Osaka. You can celebrate Japanese history and culture by visiting the famous Osaka Castle, shrines, and temples. If you are into adventure, you can go to the first-ever Universal Studios theme park built outside of the US that is located in Osaka. You can also enjoy an under-the-sea experience at the second-largest aquarium in the world, the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium. 

Many tourists enjoy the amazing seasons in Osaka, like the breathtaking cherry blossoms in the spring and the holiday illuminations in the winter. The city is a popular destination too in enjoying an exciting nightlife and a guilt-free shopping spree. As you can see, Osaka is such a great city to visit because of the complete travel experience.

Guaranteed Accessibility

Another remarkable feature of Osaka is that most of its tourist destinations, including those mentioned above, are easily accessible via its renowned loop line, the Osaka Loop Line. For example, Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street, and Osaka Castle are within walking distance from the Loop Line stations like the Tenma Station and Osakajo-Koen Station. Because of this famous loop line, getting around Osaka and transferring from one destination to another has been made so easy, especially for first-time travelers. 

The Loop Line Stations and their attractions

Encircling the city in 19 stations, Osaka Loop Line, or the Kanjosen in Japanese, has been one of Osaka's major railway lines as it provides access to getting around the city, connected to different subways and major private railways. The Loop Line is composed of two tracks, the inner and the outer tracks. The inner track goes counter-clockwise while the outer track operates clockwise. These tracks "loop" or "circle" around the city through different stations, hence its name.

The Osaka Loop Line connects to different stations and leads to routes and destinations within and outside Osaka city. For example, if you like to enjoy a great view of cherry blossoms, you can also go to Sakuranomiya Park through the Loop Line. 

Below are the 19 stations of the Loop Line and some attractions when you get off in the area:

  1. Osaka Station - Check out Yodobashi Camera, Grand Front Osaka, and the Hankyu Department Store for shopping; explore Yawaragi no Niwa garden in the station building, overlook the city at Umeda Sky Building, or take a ride at the Ferris wheel that sits atop HEP 5, and more

  2. Tenma Station - The district is known for the Tenjinbashi-suji shopping street and Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

  3. Sakuranomiya Station - Visit the magnificent cherry trees at Kema Sakuranomiya Park in spring and the nearby Sempukan or "mansion of money"

  4. Kyobashi Station - Go shopping at Keihan department store and mall, and the sunken garden design shopping center Kyobashi Coms Garden

  5. Osakajo-Koen Station - Visit the main attraction and famous landmark Osaka Castle and the surrounding park

  6. Morinomiya Station - Stroll to Morinomiya Piloti Hall, drop by Osaka International Peace Center and Osaka Museum of History

  7. Tamatsukuri Station - Stay overnight at the ancient hot spring resort Tamatsukuri Onsen or visit Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine

  8. Tsuruhashi Station - Experience Osaka's best Korean food at the heart of Tsuruhashi Korea Town and go shopping at the Tsuruhashi Market

  9. Momodani Station - This station is also close to the narrow alleyways of Osaka Korea Town and the nearby Momodani Park

  10. Terado-cho Station - Relax at the historic eight-decade-old facility of Gengabashi Onsen

  11. Tennoji Station - Enjoy the view at Abeno Harukas, visit Shitennoji Temple, Isshinji Temple, Tennoji Zoo, Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art or go shopping at Tennoji Shopping Center

  12. Shin-Imamiya Station - Have a day tour at the Tsutenkaku Tower, Festival Gate Amusement Center, Imamiya Ebisu Shrine or take a dip at the Spa World hot springs

  13. Imamiya Station - Check the exhibits at the Liberty Osaka or Osaka Human Rights Museum located at Naniwa-ku

  14. Ashiharabashi Station - Another option to reach the Liberty Osaka Museum or Osaka Human Rights Museum. You can also check out the monthly farmers market, Up Market. 

  15. Taisho Station - Try the food at the 70-year old family-run izakaya Kurasuno bar-restaurant near Taisho Station, and stopover at the heart of Osaka's sports and amusement Kyocera Dome

  16. Bentencho Station - You can transfer from this station to get to Osaka Municipal Subway line that connects to other destinations and transfer lines. You can also visit Osaka Bay Tower. 

  17. Nishikujo Station - Enjoy the rides and performances at the Universal Studios Japan (you must transfer to the JR Yumesaki Line bound to get Universal Studios)

  18. Noda Station - Try "Osaka's Best" Endo Shushi serving for more than 100 years, or visit the fish market at Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Markets

  19. Fukushima Station - Worth exploring the bustling city of seasonal flowers at Fukushima, the Fukushima-Tenmangu Shrine, Hotarumachi, and Fukushima Museum of Art 

Aside from these intercity routes, the Osaka Loop Line is also connected to other regions and cities in Japan, for example, from Osaka Station, you can visit other places like Kobe, Kyoto, Hyogo, and many more.

Loop Line Guide

You can access trains at the Loop Line by buying individual tickets or using a prepaid card. You can also use a Japan Rail Pass or avail different Area Passes provided by JR West depending on your location and destination. Ticket fees and ride fares may also vary depending on your destination and the train lines.

For first-time travelers in Japan, you can visit the JR West Timetable & Route Finder to help you in your Loop Line access and to avoid confusion or getting lost. That page will provide you information about different routes, schedules, and fares available.

JR West Timetable & Route Finder

Enjoy Osaka

If you are planning to travel to Japan, do not forget to include in your travel plans the beautiful city of Osaka. You will get to enjoy the rich culture, delicious foods, breathtaking scenery, and the nightlife and shopping experience the city offers. You can savor this complete travel experience by using the famous Osaka Loop Line that will lead you from one destination to another. Thanks to this amazing Loop Line, your Osaka travel is made accessible and no hassle.

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