Introducing Japanese Language Schools Across Japan【With Interviews】

In the past, we introduced Japanese language schools in Tokyo on WeXpats Guide.
In this article, we will introduce language schools not only in Tokyo but across Japan.
There’s exclusive information that’s only available here, so if you’re looking for a Japanese language school, be sure to check it out!

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What is a Japanese language school?

Japanese language schools are specialized schools to learn the Japanese language. People from many countries go to these schools in order to prepare for the Japanese Language Placement Test (JLPT), or to achieve their goal to study or work in Japan.

However, without the proper knowledge, it’s difficult to choose a Japanese language school among the incredibly high number of them in Japan.

If you’re interested in the characteristics of Japanese language schools and how to choose them, please check out the following article.
How to choose a Japanese School: What it costs and 4 things to look out for

Introducing 3 Japanese language schools in Japan

We’ll introduce 3 Japanese language schools in Japan.
They range from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
We were also able to conduct exclusive interviews with the schools so please read it to the end!

Kitakyushu YMCA Gakuin


Kitakyushu YMCA is a Japanese Language School in Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Besides conducting Japanese language education for 30 years, they also have health education and other language education courses. In 2018, Kitakyushu YMCA welcomed their 110th anniversary since its establishment. 


〒802-0004 Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City,

Kokura Kita-ku, Kajimachi 2-3-9


Number of Students

418(on February 1, 2020)

Student Ratio

From Vietnam:46% China:29%  Nepal:12%
Taiwan:5% Korea:2%
Mongolia:2% Other:4%

(on February 1, 2020)

Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result

July 2019:Passed N1 - 1 student passed out 7;
Passed N2 - 22 students passed out of 55

December 2019:Passed N1 - 3 students passed out of 17;
Passed N2 - 17 students passed out of 70

Next Steps for
Graduated Students

Universities:Kyushu University, Doshisha University,
Keio University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology,
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Aichi Institute of Technology,
University of Teacher Education Fukuoka,
The University of Kitakyushu, Hiroshima University,
Hiroshima University Graduate School, etc.

Work:Sales, clerical work, interpretation and translation,
hotel, manufacturing

A message from the head teacher

We want to support everyone so that you can find something amazing in Japan, connect with people and become even better people through the Japanese education courses at Kitakyushu YMCA. 

Kitakyushu YMCA Gakuin is at the center of Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture, and the enrolled students are those aiming to study and work in Japan.
And it is the first Japanese language school to have the policy to allow graduated students up to one year to find a job after graduation.

Kitakyushu City, where Kitakyushu YMCA Gakuin is located, along with Fukuoka City, are Japan’s largest cities closest to Asia. Initially developed as a manufacturing center, it is now a trade and commerce center with many dealings in Asia. 

Kitakyushu is a very comfortable city to live in, with lots of nature and a very calm environment. The airport and stations are close, and because the living spaces for students are in the center of the city, it is very convenient. Near the school, there is a shopping mall called “Chachatown” only 3 minutes away on foot. It has a supermarket, 100 yen shop, a movie theater, and so on, so it’s very convenient. The cost of living in Kitakyushu is very affordable, and you can spend as little as 50,000 yen per month (in the case of sharing a living space) for your living expenses.

In Kitakyushu’s course for further education, we support students who are hoping to study in Japan’s universities or vocational schools. We teach basic communication skills in Japanese, and have the following characteristics in order to help plan to pass the exams required to study in Japan. 

  • You can learn the fundamentals of Japanese in a well-balanced manner. 

  • You can go from taking the basics to advanced classes in 2 years. 

  • You can prepare for the Japanese Language Placement Test (JLPT) and The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

  • You can receive support to find your next place of further education. 

During the individual counseling regarding your future plans, you can receive advice as well as corrections to your applications and so on. You can also participate in guidance seminars about higher education and talks from graduated students, so you can receive direct information from the schools and students. There are also many universities that students can enroll by recommendation, so if you fulfill all of the requirements, you can take the exam under that category, and it’s possible to receive benefits regarding tuition fees.  

As for support for job-hunting, there’s a career support center for students who want to work in Japan. We introduce jobs to students and support them regarding employment matters. It is free for international students to use. We hold guidance seminars on how to find a job, how to write resumes and what to do during an interview, 3 times in half a year so students can have individual counseling about things related to job hunting and work.

TOUA International Language School


TOUA International Language School is the biggest Japanese language school located in Saitama Prefecture. Teaching staff who have specialized knowledge in the matter support students one-on-one regarding enrolling in further education and job hunting, and support them until they obtain their goals. They also offer substantial support to students when it comes to their life in Japan.  

School Location

Main Campus:
〒350-0273 Saitama Prefecture,
Sakado City, Ashiyama-cho 2-5

Branch Building:
〒350-0229 Saitama Prefecture,
Sakado City, Yakushi-cho 10-6

Number of Students

460(in March 2020)

Student Ratio

From China 40%, Vietnam 50%,
Other (Russia, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.) 10%

Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Results 

N1:Pass rate 42%(13 students passed out of 31)

N2:Pass rate 60%(72 students passed out of 120)

N3:Pass rate 71%(59 students passed out of 83)

Next Steps for
Graduated Students

Further Education 84%、Work 9%、
Returned to their country, etc. 7% 

Students who graduated in 2020 went to:
Waseda University, Ochanomizu University,
University of Tsukuba, Muroran Institute of Technology,
Ritsumeikan University, Dokkyo University,
Josai University,
Musashino University, etc.

At TOUA International Language School, about 50 experienced Japanese language instructors support each and every student to achieve their academic and future goals, prepare for tests such as the JLPT and EJU, teach Japanese efficiently and so on. 

TOUA International Language School holds class placements tests every three months and has a policy for students to be able to study efficiently in the class that best matches their level. 

And in addition to classes for those who want to go on to higher education, there are business Japanese classes as well. 

While learning the necessary skills and knowledge and business manners necessary to work in a Japanese company, students can also learn the necessary Japanese and conversation skills for the business scene from experienced and specialized instructors. 

In addition, in cooperation with the human resources company managed by TOUA International Language School group, we can introduce great jobs to the best students. 

The staff join forces to provide support in regards to everyday life and studying abroad in Japan in the students’ native languages of English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc. 

We have courses for preparing for The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and Specified Skills evaluation tests, so you don’t need to go to a different school just for that. 

Here at TOUA International Language School, we believe in supporting each and every student in all aspects, and all of the staff, from the moment the student begins the process to enroll in the school, not only puts their all into the Japanese language courses and further education and job-hunting support, but also into looking after the student in terms of their everyday life in Japan. 

We pursue the kind of quality support international students want and need, and by looking after each and every student, we support students in achieving their goals in Japan. Study Japanese and create memories of a lifetime with us! 

J Kokusai Gakuin  (Japanese Communication International School)


 J Kokusai Gakuin (Japanese Communication International School) was established in 2004 in central Osaka City. The school consistently has students of over 20 nationalities enrolled, and there are always staff who can translate Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnames and English. We have separate courses for pursuing higher education and job-hunting, etc.

School Location 

〒550-0012 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City,
Nishi-ku, Itachibori 1-1-3

Number of Students

480(on January 1, 2020)

Student Ratio

From China 24%, Taiwan 20%, Korea 18%,
Vietnam 15%, Other Asian and Western countries 23%
(on January 1, 2020)

Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Results

(2019) 166 student passed out of 443 
(N1: 13 out of 80 passed,
N2: 103 out of 234 passed,
N3: 43 out of 112 passed)

(2018) 222 students passed out of 488
(N1: 34 out of 80 passed,
N2: 111 out of 239 passed,
N3: 67 out of 129 passed)

Next Steps for
Graduated Students


【2019】Further Education 38%, Work  14%,
Returned to their country 43%,
Other (Changed their status of residence, etc) 5%

【Universities】Osaka University
Osaka Prefecture University/Osaka Kyoiku University
University of Hyogo/Okayama University
Kagawa University/The University of Kitakyushu
Kwansei Gakuin University/Kansai University
Doshisha University/Ritsumeikan University
Kindai University/Konan University
Ryukoku University/St.Andrew's University
Tsuji Culinary Institute/Tsuji Institute of Patisserie

A message from the Administration

At J Kokusai Gakuin, we have the goal of “Being able to use Japanese”. We carry out our courses to strengthen the students’ working knowledge of Japanese with the long-term perspective of what the students will need to know after they graduate from our school, not just to pass exams.

As part of the above goals, J Kokusai Gakuin places importance in encouraging students to be active in using Japanese as much as possible. In addition, In order to improve conversational skills, we try to create an atmosphere that makes students want to speak, and the teachers are often described as being “easy to talk to” and “kind”. 

Furthermore, J Kokusai Gakuin is approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education and was the pilot for the still few in number business programs in Japan. In addition to the business class, students can choose from the Top University Prep Class, and the Master class which are separated by goal. 

J Kokusai Gakuin is managed by Kokusai Tsushinsha Group which has a long history and has headquarters in Osaka.

The group has businesses in various industries, such as publishing, IT, security, education, medical welfare, and funerals, and we also support students in finding part-time jobs through the group in addition to the Japanese language courses. Not only that, there’s a clinic just 3 minutes on foot from the school where students can receive free or low cost checkups, so we can provide substantial support for the students’ life and health. 

Since it’s establishment in 2004, J Kokusai Gakuin has supported students from over 50 nationalities. We will continue to put all of our efforts so that all students can accomplish their goals after graduation - whether they go on to higher education, work or return to their countries - and that they’ll “be able to use Japanese” as per our goal and be able to live a fulfilling life in Japan.

ARC Japanese Language School

建物, 屋外, 道路, アパート が含まれている画像



ARC Tokyo Language School was started in 1986 to teach Japanese to foreign businessmen who wanted to learn Japanese. There are now 4 schools under ARCGROUP - Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kyoto and Osaka.

School Location

〒112-0004 Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Koraku 2-23-10

Number of Students

547(in March 2020)

Student Ratio 

From China 70% Vietnam 14% 

Other (from 28 countries  - Italy, US, Spain, Taiwan, etc.) 16%

Next Steps for
Graduated Students

Further Education 59% Work 13%  

Other 27% (Change Status of Residence,
Return to their home country, etc.) 

Message from the Principal and Administration

ARC Tokyo Languages School has a “Standard Study Abroad Course” where students with student visas can study Japanese over an extended period of time, a “University Preparation Course”, an “Intensive Japanese Course” where students can study Japanese in a short amount of time. In addition, in the “Standard Study Abroad Course”, there are special classes offered such as the “Business Japanese Class” for those that want to work in Japan and the “Graduate School Preparation Class” for those considering going on to pursue graduate school studies. Because you can choose a course based on your goals, students with various needs are enrolled here.

Besides studying in the classroom, ARC Tokyo Language School has opportunities to deepen understanding about culture and diversity, such as through international exchange events with local universities and elementary and middle schools, participation in the town’s events and interactions with companies in the area. Furthermore, there are opportunities to interact with students from other classes and Japanese people in the neighborhood, so you can learn practical Japanese and interact with many cultures while studying.

One of ARC Tokyo Language School’s strengths is our thorough employment support. So that each and every person can achieve their dreams of working in Japan, and as an institution dedicated to Japanese language education and supporting international students, our school puts effort into specialized employment support for the Japanese language students who want to work in Japanese companies. With an official license from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we do free employment placements to directly connect students passionate about working in Japanese companies to companies looking for outstanding foreign employees.

And through the seminars, we help students to further their understanding of the key aspects and differences of the job-hunting process, and not only do we support students in how to choose companies, prepare necessary steps like self-analysis, and help prepare job applications and practice for interviews, but a licensed career counselor is also available for career support. In addition, we listen to what each and every student has to say, and urge students to understand their own abilities, skills, interests and values while also giving advice and support in terms of choosing careers and introducing carefully selected job offers. 

Students can ask for advice about and get answers to various problems and concerns about their life abroad in the Counseling Room. In order to have a fulfilling study abroad experience, it’s important to have an environment where your body, mind and lifestyle are comfortable and you can focus on studying. However, studying a foreign language in a foreign place can lead to various issues so we hope to support everyone to solve these issues and concerns together and to help achieve a balanced study abroad experience.

ARC students, if enrolled in the National Health Insurance System, can use the International Students Compensation System at no additional cost. It means that if you’re injured at school, the insurance will cover the 30% you have to pay for your medical expenses. In addition, as ARC Tokyo Language School is an educational institution, you can get a discounted student commuter’s pass. 

A Message from the Principal

“ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School prides itself on its complete curriculum, backed up by a team of passionate teacher with a rich experience in the field. My wish for international students is to entrust us with their Japanese language education and focus on their studies to become valuable resources. We, teachers and staff members in ARC, will make every effort to help you fulfill your dreams.

To the parents, guardians and all the people connected to international students: we ask for your support in watching over our students in their path to become successful individuals on the global scene.”

ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School
Principal Yumiko Endo


Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy


At Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy, there are students from over 20 countries and regions studying together, so communication between classmates is done in Japanese, making it a great environment to study Japanese. 

School Location

〒060-0006 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku, N6W25, 1-5

Number of Students

62(on May 1, 2020)
※Due to COVID-19, there are students who aren’t
able to enter the country yet

Student Ratio

From Nepal 18%、Sri Lanka 13%、Taiwan 10%、
France 10%、Italy 10%、
Other 39% (from 18 countries such as
the US, Vietnam, China, Korea) 

On May 1, 2020

Japanese Language
Proficiency Test

N1: 1 student passed out of 4 that took the test

N2: 8 students passed out of 23 that took the test

N3: 10 students passed out of 34 that took the test

N4: 2 students passed out of 4 that took the test

(the results of December 2019)

A message from the teaching staff

The curriculum at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy is a good balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are classes to prepare for each JLPT, and we aim to raise your chances of doing well on the test by practicing a format similar to the actual test over and over.

We aim to have classes that respond to student’s requests as much as possible. For students who want to speak more, we have conversation classes, and for classes about life in Japan, we often discuss topics like “dialects” and “slang” which are requested from and are popular with students.

In order to be able to communicate naturally in Japanese in addition to learning correct Japanese, there are many activities and cultural experiences in the curriculum for students to experience Japan outside of the classroom. 

There are many courses at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy, such as short-term and long-term courses, a business course where one can learn business manners and terms, that suit the needs and goals of students, whether it be further education or work. And one unique aspect is the two-week course offered in summer and winter that combines Japanese learning with sightseeing in Hokkaido. 

In addition, many of our school’s graduates have gone on to study at tourism, hospitality and care-giving vocational schools, and many students have gone on to work in the hotel and tourism industry, so this is the perfect environment for people interested in those industries.

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy is located in Sapporo, which has a population of about 2 million people. But by driving just a little, you can find yourself immersed in nature, so it’s a very attractive city. 

It’s a city visited by many people from around the world and has a great food culture, so not only can students learn Japanese in Sapporo, students also have the opportunity to think about their own country of origin from an outside perspective.

In order to help students feel at ease in their new life in Japan, we support students from helping file necessary paperwork after arriving in Japan to accompanying students to the hospital and so on. The experienced, professional teaching staff will passionately support you in all your needs as you spread your wings as a true citizen of the world! 

In Conclusion

We introduced various Japanese language schools across Japan in this article. Each and every Japanese language school has various differences. Please do your best to find a Japanese language school that’s best for you!

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