In our third round of introducing Japanese Language Schools in Japan, we will introduce several schools owned by ISI Japanese Language School Group. It’s a very rare type of Japanese language school, with schools across Japan while being managed by the same group.

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What is a Japanese language school?

Japanese language schools are specialized schools to learn the Japanese language. Many foreigners who want to work in Japan and international students who want to study at Japanese universities study at Japanese language schools for about 1 to 2 years. 

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ISI Japanese Language School Group

ISI Japanese Language School Group has the largest total capacity - 4000 people - out of all Japanese language schools in Japan. Every year, students from over 110 countries and regions worldwide study Japanese and ISI Japanese Language School Group.


Number of Students

Total in the Group

1,623 (in April 2020)

Next Steps for
Graduated Students

Total in the Group(in 2019)

Further Education 70.2%  Work 11.1%  
Other 18.7%

Successfully found jobs:98%
(out of those who wanted to work)

Graduate Schools:Univeristy of Tokyo, Kyoto University,
University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University,
Waseda University, Keio University, etc. 

Universities:Waseda University, Sophia University,
Rikkyo University, Meiji University, Hosei University,
Ritsumeikan University, and many others

ISI Language School

ISI Language School is a Japanese language school in Takadanobaba. It is a brand new school that was just established in July 2019, and has the latest ICT equipment, a Japanese-style room where you can experience traditional Japanese culture, and counseling booths where you can receive individual advice. 

School Locations

ISI Language School 

〒169-0075 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku,
Takadanobaba 2-14-19

New Building  
〒 169-0075 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku,
Takadanobaba 4-23-32

Number of Students

ISI Language School

1,079(in April 2020)

Student Ratio

From China 64% Korea 5.4% 
Taiwan/Hong Kong 7% Europe 9.4% 
Other Asian countries 2.5% US/Oceania 5.3% 
Middle East/Africa 0.28%

A message from the Teaching Staff at ISI Japanese Language School Group

Because the classes at ISI Japanese Language School are split into over 40 different classes by specific levels, you can learn Japanese in the class that best fits your level and goals.

ISI has so many courses to choose from - from practical Japanese, to JLPT Preparation Class to EJU Preparation Class to Graduate School Preparatory Class - so you can take a free trial lesson in the elective class of your choice. And seasonally, there is a Summer Course and Winter Course where you can learn Japanese in a practical and fun way through various activities and events. 

The Takadanobaba Campus offers night classes for those busy with school and work in the middle of the day, as well as ena Shimbi course for those aiming to get into a art school in Japan. There are student discounts who go on to study at vocational schools and universities managed by the Group. 。

In addition, there are preparatory classes for subjects necessary for exams, interview practice and essay writing, and you can get one-on-one guidance. We support many students every year who aim to get into Japan’s top universities and graduate schools.

Apart from classes, we also have field trips to museums and parks in each class. 

And furthermore, we also have activities such as watching kabuki, participating in festivals, visiting Japanese companies, experiencing VR, and so on. 

And every year, there is a speech contest in the ISI Group as well as international exchange and performances. 

ISI Language College

ISI Language College’s campus is in Ikebkuro. It’s in the same building as a vocational school, so you can have experience interacting with Japanese students and learn Japanese in a practical way. From beginner Japanese to JLPT N1 level, to employment classes for those wanting to work in Japan, there is an abundance of classes to suit various needs. 

School Location

ISI Language College
〒171-0022 Tokyo, Toshima-ku,
Minami Ikebukuro 1-13-13

Number of Students

ISI Language College・Japanese Language Department

216(in April 2020)

Student Ratio

From China 40% Vietnam 13.4% Korea 10.2% 
Europe 13.4% Other Asian Countries 11.1% 
Other, America, Oceania 6.5%

Message from Teaching Staff at ISI Japanese Language School Group

Those interested in enrolling can take a trial lesson in either the vocation school or university class at ISI Language College.

In the employment class, you will have practical lessons about industrial research and presentations necessary at work, and we take care to guide each and every student so they can think about their goals and choose the best future for themselves. And in order to help students imagine working in a Japanese company, we prepare opportunities where students can experience real work situations, such as by taking part in internships, visiting companies and factories, experiencing working in TV broadcasting at NHK’s Studio Park, and so on.  

And outside of studies, we hold various fun events every month, like volunteering in the community and making traditional Japanese paper. 

ISI Language School, Kyoto

The Kyoto Campus is at the center of the old capital with its remnants of the ancient, great Japan. The Kyoto Campus utilizes the latest equipment in the classes, and has elective classes based on student goals such as EJU, JLPT, and graduate school preparatory classes. It also has an original course where you can learn Japanese culture and communication skills at the same time. 

School Location

ISI Language School, Kyoto
〒604-8497 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City
Nakagyo-ku, Nishinokyo-Ryomachi 6-6

Number of Students

ISI Language School, Kyoto


Student Ratio

From China 42% Taiwan/Hong Kong 11.6% Korea 5.6% 
Vietnam 2.4% Europe 19.84% America/Oceania 7.6% 
Other Asian countries 11.2% Middle East/Africa 0.4%

At Kyoto Campus known for its welcoming spirit and warm atmosphere, there are lots of unique and characteristic teachers and it is a place full of smiles.

The teachers fully support the students not just in their studies but so that their life in Japan is a fulfilling one. 

There are many traditional Japanese experiences like tea ceremony and Zen mediation in the courses, and you can have a unique learning experience special to Kyoto. In addition, there are many temples and old buildings nearby, so you can reach popular tourist sites on foot. 

Nagano Business and Language College 

The Nagano Campus is located in the nature-filled Ueda City, where the winter Olympics were held. It is filled with scenic nature and is a great place to learn. With one application, you can get a status of residence to stay in Japan for 2 years. 

School Location

Nagano Business and Language College

〒171-0022 Nagano Prefecture
Ueda City, Chuo 3-5-18

Number of Students

Nagano Business and Language College・Japanese Department

78(in April 2020)

Student Ratio

From Vietnam 39.74% China 17.95% Europe 12.8% 
America/Oceania 7.7% Russia 3.85% 
Other Asian countries 12.8% Middle East/Africa 1.28%

In addition to the standard Japanese courses on further education, work and JLPT preparatory classes, there is a special program that supports students from obtaining their Specified Skilled Workers visa to employment for those who wish to work in Japan. By providing intensive courses, paid internships at companies, free employment guidance classes, and support to obtain visas, we give meticulous support to each and every student. 

In the regional city of Nagano, there are many warm and supportive teachers. 

The teachers look after the students like family, and give advice not only about studies but also concerns about part-time jobs and everyday life. 

At the Nagano Campus, there are many opportunities to interact with the Japanese students at the vocational school on the same campus, and there are lots of activities held outside of class, such as visiting ski resorts, hot springs, tourist attractions, and experiencing holding mikoshi (portable shrines) in festivals, something greatly familiar to Japanese people. Not only that, but the very international school festival held every year has performances and food from around the world to enjoy. 

ISI Japanese Language School Group is located in places you can experience the highlights of Japan -  “culture”, “food”, “nature” and “seasons” - more. If you want to study while living in a modern city while interacting with different cultures like in Tokyo, or if you want to study while being surrounded by Nagano’s nature and experience Japan’s seasons, or if you want to study while living in the world’s top city for tourism while experiencing traditional culture in Kyoto - ISI provides that experience and environment for studying real natural Japanese. Create your study abroad experience with ISI. 


In this article, we featured ISI Japanese Language School which has various campuses throughout Japan.
We hope we were able to capture the essence of each campus.
Furthermore, WeXpats will continue to feature Japanese language schools.
If there is a Japanese language school you’d like us to feature, please let us know anytime through the “Contact Us” form. 

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