Explore and have fun at the Tokyo International Forum Hall

The Tokyo International Forum Hall is more than an architectural wonder. Aside from hosting big concerts of both local and international artists, there are also many things that you can do including shopping, seeing performing arts, visiting the art exhibits, shop at the flea market, and many more!

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  4. Where to Go in Tokyo?

A Place to Go in Tokyo

In a city as vast as Tokyo, it is not unusual for a tourist or traveler to get overwhelmed by this ultramodern city and get confused about where to go first and what to visit next. Why is that? There is just so much to get excited about in Tokyo. You will never run out of choices, but you will be running out of time to visit all these amazing destinations that you would wish to extend your stay or come back really soon. 

Are you a tourist roaming around Tokyo's vast city or a traveler planning to go there very soon? Are you searching for what other activities you can add on to your itinerary or bucket list? Don’t you know that there is this extravagant convention complex in the city that offers a great entertainment experience? What and where is this? Read on as this article features the fantabulous Tokyo International Forum - a place to go to maximize your short Tokyo stay.

Overview of Tokyo International Forum

Standing gallantly at the heart of Tokyo in Marunouchi, Chiyoda City is a magnificent convention and arts center, the largest in Tokyo, named the Tokyo International Forum. This cutting-edge work of art and architecture was designed by the Uruguayan architect, Rafael Viñoly. This multipurpose Tokyo International Forum convention center was opened to provide entertainment to the public in 1996.

Tokyo International Forum is composed of 8 convention halls, 34 conference rooms, a greenery plaza, an art museum, and a wide array of shops and restaurants. These amazing facilities have been hosting numerous local and international events like fashion shows, concerts, exhibits, international conferences, ceremonies, musicals, and more. Around 23 million people of all ages and different walks of life visit Tokyo International Forum to experience the harmonious vibe of entertainment and culture here every year.

※Tokyo International Forum, About Tokyo International Forum

Facilities and Architecture

Tokyo International Forum houses, as we mentioned earlier, eight convention halls, big and small, 34 conference rooms that also come in various sizes, and a proud glass atrium. These facilities are versatile and can be used for different purposes or events because each section has its unique design and prominent features. They are also flexible because depending on the events' needs, clients can choose to utilize the entire building, combine multiple halls, or combine halls and conference rooms. These unique features of versatility and flexibility make the Tokyo International Forum a favorite local and international venue. 

Aside from the Tokyo International Forum’s multipurpose facilities, people are also amazed by the building's magnificent architecture. The main architectural highlight of the entire place is the glass atrium that looks like a luxurious ark of glass. The atrium’s design of mainly using steel framework and glass creates a spacious, open, and airy ambiance that most visitors truly admire. The glass walls and ceilings enable guests to see the tree-filled plaza for a more refreshing vibe and at the same time, enabling the natural light outside to pass through.

The atrium also incorporates wooden accents inside the building to provide a comfortable and cozy twist. There are numerous modern art pieces of both Japanese and international artists that are placed throughout the complex to give visitors a great sightseeing experience. All of these combined elements have created a picturesque and aesthetic balance of Japanese artistic culture and modernity. 

What to do in Tokyo International Forum

Apart from watching shows and attending events, what can you do here? 

Arts Exhibits

Tokyo International Forum will never be called an art center without art exhibits. The entire complex itself features amazing modern art pieces by famous Japanese and international artists that you can find in every corner of the complex. Another art hub in Tokyo International Forum is the Mitsuo Aida Museum which features the admired works of Mitsuo Aida, a popular calligrapher and poet. 

Shops and Restaurants

You will never get hungry in the Tokyo International Forum because there are countless restaurants, food stalls, and cafes you can find throughout the entire complex. Some of the restaurants you can find here are the 800 DEGREES, the Pizza & Pasta Papa Milano, and the Toh-Ten-Koh Chinese restaurant. This wide array of restaurants offer different menus and types of cuisine where you can enjoy traditional Japanese delicacies and famous international favorites as well. 

For your shopping needs, there is the Family Mart and the Famima!! convenience stores where you can buy a wide variety of items including your daily necessities. You may also visit the PLAZA where you can buy miscellaneous goods or the Forum Art Shop to buy original Tokyo International Forum-themed souvenirs. 

Famous Events

Oedo Antique Market

Considered as the largest outdoor antique market in Japan - Oedo Antique Market is a must go to place for those who are looking for unique souvenirs especially antique lovers. Don’t forget to mark your calendar during the first or third Sunday of the month and experience a fun and exciting antique-hunting. You can find various rare and unique pieces here like accessories, kimono, pottery, household goods, and many more which are sold for affordable prices.

Neo Yataimura Super Night

Tokyo International Forum hosts a popular beer garden once a month where visitors can enjoy a cozy meal and have fun with family and friends. Numerous food trucks gather in the plaza to offer various kinds of affordable meals like street foods and famous ethnic foods. There are live performances as well to hype up the guests and make their meals more enjoyable. 

La Folle Journee TOKYO

La Folle Journee is the event to experience if you are into music. Since 2005, this event has been a regular tradition during Golden Week (beginning of May) in Tokyo. This is also considered as the largest classical music festival in the world and thousands of people from all around the world come to Tokyo International Forum to witness this huge event. 

More information can be found here: 


Marunouchi Kids Jamboree

Marunouchi Kids Jamboree has been a favorite summer event in Tokyo International Forum since 2007 wherein children are allowed to explore and discover their talents and dreams in the future through stage performances and other activities. If you are traveling with a child, this is an event that you shouldn’t miss because for sure, your kid will learn, enjoy, and get inspired here. 

Aside from these annual events, there are many other events held in the Tokyo International Forum as well, like university graduation ceremonies and concerts. 

Getting To Tokyo International Forum

Another amazing feature of the Tokyo International Forum is its location. The complex is located at the heart of the city making it pretty accessible to visitors. Here are a few ways on how to get to the Tokyo International Forum and have a blast experience here:

By Train

The Tokyo International Forum is situated between two train stations and you can access it by using the JR Lines at these stations. After hopping out of the train, you can get to the complex by foot for one minute from Yurakucho Station or by walking through Tokyo Station. 

By Subway

The complex is also accessible via the various subway stations using Chiyoda, Marunouchi, Ginza, and Mita Lines. The stations are also walking distance to the complex.

By Car or Bike

Lastly, you can get to the complex by using your car or bike via the Metropolitan Expressway. The complex reserves a vast parking space for its guests’ vehicles. 

Where to Go in Tokyo?

Tokyo, Japan has so much to offer for you. It will never run out of spectacular destinations and events that are all worthy of your time. But if you are looking for a localized place where you can maximize your limited stay, where to go in Tokyo? There is no other place that the magnificent entertainment hub - the Tokyo International Forum. Just make sure you look up what’s being offered there at the time and get tickets if necessary first!

Tokyo International Forum
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