The Coastal City of Japan, Yokohama

When people who have been to Yokohama are asked about the city, the beauty of the coastal views is the first thing they would remember. This populated city began as a small fishing town and is now Japan's second largest city. Experience the attractions of Yokohama!

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  1. Getting to know Yokohama
  2. Yokohama Unlike Any Others
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Getting to know Yokohama

One of the go-to places in Japan is Yokohama. It is popularly known for its stunning coastal view. It is located nearby Japan's capital - Tokyo, and you can get there just by traveling 30 minutes south of Tokyo by train.

It has three tourist information centers for those visitors seeking more information about the city, namely, Yokohama Station, Shin- Yokohama Station, and Sakuragicho Station Tourist Information Center.

History and events

Prior to the arrival of Commodore Matthew C. Perry, Yokohama was a small fishing village that wasn't very noticeable. When Perry arrived, he demanded several ports be opened in the formerly mostly closed country.

The Japanese government signed an agreement with Perry, known as the Treaty of Peace and Amity. It was an agreement that allowed the trades and residing of foreigners in Japan. But in the latter part of the year, the Japanese government realized that their initial choice for one of the ports would interfere with their own business routes. Thus, it resulted in the opening of Port Yokohama as the base of foreign trades on the 2nd day of June in 1859.

On September 1, 1923, Yokohama grieved as the very destructive earthquake hit the city and nearby Tokyo. A magnitude of 7.9 wreck buildings, homes, and killed an estimated 140,000 individuals in both cities combined.

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Improvement and growth of Yokohama

The opening of Yokohama as a base of foreign trades brought many opportunities for the city's development, specifically on its economic growth.

In 1969, an expansion and development of urban areas led to problems, primarily environmental issues that lead to desolation. But the Japanese government quickly moved to address these issues and introduced some development projects. It included building Kohoku New Town, building high-speed railways and highways across Kanagawa Prefecture, centered around Yokohama and the construction of Bay Bridge among others.

The population rate grew dropped steeply to with 3.74 million residents occupancies, recorded in 2019, making it the second-largest city and the home of the big and worldly-known companies such as Nissan and Mitsubishi.

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For Yokohama, urban development made them known not only inside Japan but outside the world of Japan. Yokohama contributed to the development of foreign countries such as Bangkok, Thailand for "Master Plan on Climate Change," Cebu, the Philippines for "MegaCebu Roadmap 2050", Batam, Indonesia for "Project Mapping based on Batam Green City Action Plan," and Danang, Vietnam for "Action for Sustainable Development."

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Yokohama Unlike Any Others

Aside from the fact that it is the second largest city in Japan, it attracts many tourists and travelers because of its captivating beauty and a manifestation of how cultural-developed the city is. It is surrounded by many jaw-dropping tourist spots, delicious food, and approachable accommodation for many tourists. Here are some must-visit spots on your first, or even your tenth or more visit.

Chinatown in Yokohama

Yokohama Chinatown is also called Yokohama Chūkagai in Japanese. It is stationed at the central part of Yokohama and is considered Japan's largest Chinatown. Prior to Yokohama's opening as the base of foreign trades in 1859, the Chinese population grew in the city as many people from China started to reside in Yokohama.

The town is beautifully made alive by stores and restaurants that you will see on every street corner. They celebrate Chinese New Year in town every February with various activities and events to participate in.

What else Yokohama Chinatown excites tourists to visit? It's very likely to be its special cuisine! The dishes that are widely known in town include steamed buns, ramen, Chinese sweets and other Chinese dishes.

Minato Mirai 21

Minato Mirai 21 or "harbor of the future" is a home of various businesses and entertainments that certainly will fill you with awe. Experience something unique while in the area such as:

Landmark Tower

Recorded as the second fastest elevator in the world that only takes 40 seconds to get from base to the top. It is also the 4th tallest structure in Japan. The 52nd-67th floors are occupied by a five-star hotel, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel and the rest are occupied by offices.

Cosmo World

This is a famous amusement park in Minato Mirai 21. Here, you can ride the giant ferris wheel and roller coaster, test your boldness in the haunted house and enjoy other attractions they are offering.

Manyo Club

Their well-known services offer relaxation such as a sauna, massages and foot baths that many people and tourists stop by to indulge themselves in.

Red Brick Warehouse

This is not a typical and ordinary warehouse that some might think of. It is a historical structure that was turned into a commercial building that offers different services and entertainment such as stores, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and many other activities that you may enjoy around the building.

The light at night fantastically amazes the people of its beautiful view, and the ambiance isgorgeous. You may stroll around riding a bike or enjoy the spacious ice-skating rink at the warehouse's event plaza during the winter season or enjoy the Greenroom Festival, a rock concert in the summer.

Best stay-in hotels in Yokohama

If you are looking for a stay-in-place on your trip at Yokohama, you may consider one of the many best hotels near the city.

Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu offers you an affordable and safe place to stay in. It has 480 spacious rooms and suites that will give you relaxation on your entire trip. They offer different delightful cuisines from other countries such as French Chinese as well as a bar for you to unwind. They also have a pool and gym for the fitness conscious people, a spa and esthetic salon, a flower shop, and a hotel shop that you may enjoy.

For your reservation and other queries, reach them at (+81) 45 682 2222.

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Located at the 52nd - 67th floors of Yokohama Landmark Tower. It offers 603 guest rooms with fitness clubs, spa treatment, restaurants, and bars. You may also access their WiFi for free at the lobby, guest rooms, restaurants, and banquet halls.

For reservations and queries, you may call them at (+81) 45 221 1111.

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

International Yokohama Pier-8

A five-star hotel that offers you a beautiful sea view and the lovely ambiance of their garden. You may enjoy the cuisines they are offering and go for an adventure for the rest of your stay-in. WiFi is available at the standard rooms, suite, business centers, public areas, and meeting convention space.

For reservation and queries, you may reach them at (+81) 45 3071111.

International Hotels & Resorts

Hotel New Grand

Their services were proven and tested and their awards nationally and internationally are the manifestation.

They offer dishes that stand out among others such as French, Italian, and Japanese food. You may chill at their cafe and British bar. You can access their wifi in all guest rooms and selected banquet halls.

For information and reservation, you may reach them at (+81) 45 681 1841.

Hotel New Grand

Richmond Hotel Yokohama Ekimae

A five-star hotel that is a 2 minute walk-in from Yokohama station. Reaching the hotel is more convenient and it's very accessible for business-related activities. All their guest rooms have free internet access. Their restaurants offer Japanese and Chinese options.

For more information, you may call them at (+81) 45 311 0155.

Richmond Hotel Yokohama Ekimae

A fishing village into an economic engine

Who would've thought that the simple fishing village would turn out to be an industrial village? Yokohama quickly became the home of trades, businesses, commercial, and entertainment. It became a productive city that is well-known not only around Japan but outside. It turned from a village of limited resources to a broad extension of social, cultural, political, and economic resources.

Travel from its neighboring city, Tokyo

Riding a train is very likely to be more convenient and less expensive than taking a bus or renting a car to travel from Yokohama to Tokyo. Further, you may enjoy the scenery of the city. You may ride in JR Tokaido Line, from Yokohama to Tokyo for an estimated 40-50 minutes. You may also take the Narita Express when you travel to Tokyo and to Narita Airport, of course.


Yokohama is not only a city of commerce, the place is beyond business. The city depicts the culture of the people and it's more diverse because they accepted foreign culture that will resemble the city as well. Traveling to Yokohama may not only fill you with amazement on the structures but the people and the culture itself. Numbers of amazing places around the world but you can find a home in Yokohama. Yokohama assures that your trip will be kachi ga aru (worth it).

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