Overlook Osaka at Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building is famous for its unique architectural design and the breathtaking panorama view of Osaka from the observatory desk. Even the ride to the top is a part of the thrill. In this article we discuss the must visit spots in the building and how to access them.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to Umeda Sky Building
  2. Floating Garden Observatory
  3. Food and other attractions in the building
  4. Other attractions at Umeda Sky to check out
  5. General information and Access  
  6. Conclusion

Welcome to Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building is a 173 meters tall skyscraper in Osaka, Japan. It is designed by Hiroshi Hara and completed in 1993. This building is forty stories tall and has two separate towers which are connected at the top by an observation deck called 空中の庭園 (kuuchuu no teien) or "Floating Garden Observatory", encompassing the 39th and 40th floor, as well as the rooftop.

It is also known as the "New Umeda City", and although most of the space is occupied by offices, they have various eateries and recreation centres like gardens, a cinema and of course the observation deck which allows you to enjoy the incredible view of the city.

Floating Garden Observatory

The Floating Garden Observatory is on the top floor of Umeda Sky Building which was also introduced as "Top 20 Buildings Around the World” by British newspaper “The Times”. 

Floating Garden Observatory is a major sightseeing point as it includes an open-air rooftop also known as the Sky Walk from which you can enjoy the mesmerising 360 degree view of all of Umeda and Osaka City. To reach the top, you have to take the elevator from the third floor which will take you to the thirty-fifth floor where you will be transferred to a see-through escalator and it will take you to the 39th floor. 

Well, from there you need to purchase tickets on the thirty-ninth floor for the Sky Walk. Cost of tickets for adults is 1,500 yen and tickets for children is 700 yen.

Tip:  It's usually crowded in the daytime, so try to visit in the evening or late evenings to enjoy the breathtaking night view.

Also if you have an Osaka Amazing Pass, the observatory is free until 6 pm. And even after 6 pm, if you have a meal at the designated restaurants inside the building, you can get a free ticket to go up to the observatory as well. 

Check out details of the pass here!

Food and other attractions in the building

Where to eat in the building 

Who doesn’t like good food after sightseeing? Umeda Sky Building has all the provisions to satisfy your hunger. Here we have curated a few must visit eateries:

Takimi Koji Gourmet Street

Takimi Koji Gourmet Street is a “street” in the basement area of the building which resembles the retro style of the Showa period. Its ambience is a main attraction, but so is the food! There are about 20 different restaurants inside where you can enjoy all types of local and international food. Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake omelette) is a must try here. The restaurant Kiji is famous for its okonomiyaki in Osaka.

Sky 40 Cafe

This is the perfect place to just chill and take a break while continuing the view of the city. It’s located just below the floating garden observatory. They serve all kinds of beverages and we suggest you must try their sweet tarts. This cafe however requires a ticket to the observatory to get to. 


Sangu is a romantic Chinese restaurant with amazing window views serving the best of Cantonese cuisine. You can even enjoy Wagyu Steak as you stare out into the night view of Osaka with all its beautiful lights. 

Other attractions at Umeda Sky to check out

If you are looking for other attractions than eateries:

Cine Libre Umeda

It's a cinema with four screens located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Umeda Sky Building. They play a range of movies from both Japan and international genres. 

Souvenir shop- Sky 39

If you are looking to buy gifts from this fascinating building, you must visit Sky 39, which is a souvenir shop on the 39th floor.

General information and Access

Opening Hours: The Umeda building opens at 9:30am and closes at 10:30pm. Make sure you enter before 10:00pm as they don’t allow entry after this time.

Closed: None; they are open 365 days

Entry Fee: 1500 Yen per adult, 700 Yen per Child aged 4 to 12 years

You can get a 500 yen discount if you buy tickets to the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum in the building as well. The ticket set costs 2000 yen. 

How to reach this building 

Umeda Sky Building is located in Kita Ward of Osaka, which is a walkable distance from the Osaka and Umeda Stations. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk from these stations, there is also a pedestrian tunnel underground that will lead you to the building from the station.

In Conclusion

The Umeda Sky building is a great activity to do for several reasons whether you are living nearby or are on a vacation in Japan. It's going to be a perfect day out plan with your loved ones. You can visit the building and surroundings in both daytime and nighttime; however, it's recommended to keep at least three to four hours for the overall visit if you want to check everything in the building out.


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