Osaka Hotels: A Selection of the Comfiest Accommodations


A trip to Osaka typically lasts overnight to better enjoy the nightlife, scrumptious dishes, and myriad of attractions. Given those, you’ll be needing a place to sleep. We’ve compiled a list of the best hotels to narrow down your search so have a look at what suits your needs best.

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  1. Finding the Perfect Hotel
  2. Ryokan Osaka, Traditional Accommodations
  3. Osaka's Modern Hotels
  4. Osaka's Budget Friendly Hotels
  5. Osaka's Luxury Hotels
  6. Summary

Finding the Perfect Hotel

First things first, here’s where you can find our Osaka articles to help plan your trip:


The second largest city in Japan, Osaka is one of the top visited destinations in Japan which is why it needs and has a large number of hotels to accommodate visitors to the city. Thanks to that, a wide variety of places to stay can be found. Whether it’s price, access, or style, there’s something to fit your needs. 

Types of Hotels of Osaka

  • Ryokan 

  • Budget Hotels

  • Capsule Hotels

  • Love Hotels

  • Business Hotels

  • Luxury Hotels

  • Standard Hotels

Things to Consider 

Best Area

The central Namba area is the most convenient place to stay in Osaka. Within walking distance of Dotonbori, Shimbashi, Amerikamura areas allow you to save on transport. The Shin-Osaka area and Tennoji area are also good choices depending on where your itinerary takes you. 


Find a hotel near a major station. It may cost a little more but it’ll save you on transit time and rapid trains will bring you to your destination faster. Also try to find a place that’s below 10-mins walking distance from the station, especially if you have a lot of luggage. 

Cheapest Hotels

The cheapest hotels can be found within major areas in Osaka like Namba where competition is strong and numerous hotels can be found. 

Plan According to Your Itinerary

If your itinerary is food centred, you’ll be hanging around the Dotonbori area so get a place there. Maybe you plan to just visit Universal Studios Japan for a whole day then head back to Tokyo the next - in that case, stay near Shin-Osaka station where you can quickly get to the Shinkansen. Make your trip convenient and less tiring for yourself.

Ryokan Osaka, Traditional Accommodations

Who says your Osaka stay can’t be super traditional? 

Yamatoya Honten

This ryokan is smack dab in the middle of Dotonbori perfect for those who want to enjoy the shopping districts and food stalls around the area. The hotel offers affordable Japanese style rooms for individual or group stays and complete with facilities like communal bath, sauna, lounge, and banquet rooms where you can enjoy their traditional Japanese meals. The hotel also offers early bird promos and stay plans if you are looking for discounts. 

Access: 13-mins from Osaka Namba Station or 3-mins from Nippombashi Station

Waqoo Shitaderamachi

The Waqoo Shitaderamachi is the next generation of Shukubo or living within the temple which can be found inside the Osaka Shitennoji Temple. Osaka Shitennoji Temple is one of Japan's oldest temples with around 80 temples in its vicinity. This hotel is more than accommodation because it offers sightseeing around the temple, healing of the mind and body, communicating with the locals, learning, and preserving the history and culture of Japan. They have stay plans which you can choose from their official website and workshops that will make you experience temple life like Zazen, Shakyo, and Shabutsu. 

Access: 6-mins from Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station Exit 5

Osaka's Modern Hotels

Mitsui Garden Hotels

This hotel franchise is well-known and has numerous hotels across Japan. Currently it has two hotels in Osaka, the Osaka Premier in Kita-ku and the Osaka Yodoyabashi in Chuo-ku. The Osaka Premier offers wooden floored rooms with a wide range of amenities, large communal baths, an on-site restaurant that features Kyushu delicacies for breakfast, and free shuttle service. Meanwhile, the Osaka
offers an on-site restaurant that features Osaka delicacies, a guest lounge and a convenience store perfect for late-night snacking. The Osaka Premier is best for those who want to enjoy Osaka's urban surroundings while Osaka Yodoyabashi offers a scenic view.


  • Osaka Premier: 3-mins from Watanabe-bashi Station Exit 2 

  • Osaka Yodoyabashi: 5-mins from Yodoyabashi Station Exit 12 

InterContinental Hotel Osaka

True to its name, the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain that is famous around the world. The Osaka branch itself can be found within the Grand Front Osaka. This hotel is perfect for those on business trips as it offers luxury suites with free Wifi. Other facilities available are a gym, indoor pool, and a banquet hall.

Access: 5-mins from JR Osaka Station and Umeda Subway Station

Conrad Osaka

Conrad Osaka Hotel & Resort is housed by the grandiose and earthquake-proof Nakanoshima Festival Twin Towers. Located within the highest floors of the Festival West Tower, this luxury hotel chain offers spa, on-site restaurants, indoor pool, fitness center, and rooms with a scenic view of Osaka. This hotel can be found in the Nakanoshima sand bank in the middle of Osaka and gives you access to the Festival Hall, Umeda and Osaka Castle.

Access: 2-mins from Higobashi Station or 1-min from Watanabe-bashi Station

Osaka's Budget Friendly Hotels

Kaneyoshi Ryokan

An affordable Ryokan in centre Dotonbori, it’s the perfect place to stay if your activities are centred around the area. Save not just on accommodation but travel expenses as well. With both Japanese traditional and western style rooms, large communal baths, and other amenities, Kaneyoshi is ready to provide you with a comfortable stay. 

Access: 7-mins from Osaka Metro Namba Station Exit 14

Keihan Universal Tower

Keihan Universal Tower is located only 2-mins from Universal Studios Japan. The hotel also offers luggage storage services pre-checkin and post-checkout so you can rest assured your belongings will be safe whilst you explore empty-handed. Though the high class luxurious hotel may look expensive, don’t be fooled as there are affordable rooms from 9,000 yen i the off-peak seasons too. 

Access: 2-mins from JR Universal City Station

Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka

Sotetsu Hotels have 4 different hotels around Osaka namely the:

All their hotels have quick access of 3 minutes or less from the nearest station which makes for easy convenient travel.


  • Fresa Yodoyabashi: 2-mins from Kitahama Station Exit 6
  • Fresa Shinsaibashi: 3-mins from Nagahoribashi Station Exit 5-A
  • Fresa Namba: 1-min from Kitetsu Main Line Osaka Namba Station Exit 7
  • Grand Fresa Namba: 2-mins from Nippombashi Station.

Osaka's Luxury Hotels

Planning to go all out? Here are 5 star luxurious hotels for you to splurge on: 

Hilton Osaka

Hiton is a renowned international high-end hotel chain. Its name speaks for itself and you surely know what to expect from such a famous brand. Prices range from 25,000 yen onwards. 

Access: 3-mins from Osaka Station 

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Likewise, it is unlikely that you’ve not heard of the Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton Osaka introduces its west meets east style where you can experience the aesthetics of an 18th-century English manor with the elegance of Japanese accents. Prices range from 45,000 yen onwards. 

Access: 7-mins from JR Osaka Station


Lastly, we have another luxury hotel chain, the Marriott that has two sites in Osaka which are the Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel which can be found near the entrance of Kintetsu Department Store inside the Abeno Harukas skyscraper and the St. Regis Osaka located within Midosuji. Prices range from 26,000 yen onwards. 


  • Marriott: 2-mins from Tennoji Station 
  • St. Regis: 4-mins from Honmachi Subway Station


A wide variety of accommodations await you in Osaka from traditional ryokans, stylish modern, budget friendly, and high-end luxury. With so many options, you are bound to find something that fits your needs and wants. 


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