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Becoming a Specified Skilled Worker in Japan

Demographic changes partnered with continuous economic growth in Japan demand an increase in the workforce. Skilled workers participate directly with this increasing demand. Their significance with th...

Work Changing Visa Status Work Visa visa Specified Skilled Worker

How to Qualify for an Automotive Mechanic Job in Japan

Japan is brimming with wide ranging job opportunities especially to skilled workers such as automotive mechanics. For foreigners who want to pursue an automotive mechanic job career in the country, le...

Work Work Visa Specified Skilled Worker experienced job ad/opportunity

Support for an Aging Society: Work as a nurse in Japan

Japan’s aging population brings about new needs, one of which would be healthcare and nursing for the elderly. The demographic challenge to the country renders favorable employment opportunities...

Work Work Visa Specified Skilled Worker experienced nurse

How to Acquire a Japan Work Visa

Foreign workers securing work visas in Japan can facilitate the task by knowing the categories of visas available and the corresponding qualifications. Moreover, the task can be made simpler with the ...

Work Work Visa visa Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Specified Skilled Worker

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