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Celebrating Unique Holidays in Japan

National holidays are a nice and sometimes random break from the busyness of everyday life at work and school. Each country has unique holidays and Japan is no exception! If you live in Japan or happe...

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Not Only About Matcha: A guide of Uji, Kyoto

Famous for its production of green tea Uji may be, but steeped in history and tradition, there is more than meets the eye in little Uji - a trip to the past? or perhaps a stroll amidst the flowers? Wh...

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Visiting the Most Active Volcano in Japan, Sakurajima

Japan’s landscapes carry a gentle aura often associated with its polite society. However, by nature every card has a flip side. In contrast with the softness of sakura petals, and the lively col...

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A Look at the Japanese Calendar

While the majority of the countries utilize the Gregorian Calendar, Japan introduces an interesting twist through their different calendars throughout history. Let’s take a look at the unique ca...

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Traditional Japanese New Year’s Food That You Must Have

Enjoy the taste, and know the history of traditional Japanese new year’s food! From special boxed meals to bitter oranges, eating new year’s food is both symbolic and satisfying. Before yo...

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Shukujitsu & Saijitsu: Preserving Culture Through Holidays

Many countries around the world legislated different dates in their respective calendars to be holidays. In Japan, there is a two-fold understanding of what a holiday means. Regardless of their design...

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How the Japanese say “I Love You” and other romantic phrases

The Japanese language is rich and diverse, and saying “I love you” can be said in myriad ways. Having a hard time expressing yourself? Can’t find the words to say to your partner? He...

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