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Experience school life in Japan: Study at a High School in Japan

Japan boasts its sound secondary education. Acquiring substantial funding from the government, high school students are definitely prepared aptly for either future academic endeavors or jump starting ...

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The Filipino Students’ Guide for Efficient Studying and Living in Japanese Universities

Japan is home to various globally famous universities but is also known for being expensive to live in. Yet students worldwide, including Filipinos, yearn to study in these universities. We summarized...

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Institutional Bedrock of Economic Prosperity: All About Business University Education in Japan

With its economic prosperity, Japan takes pride in its business universities. Leading globally in terms of academic standards, these specialized educational institutions develop business professionals...

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New Class of Style Icons: Study Fashion Design in Japan

Japan has made its marks globally in all aspects of fashion. It continuously influences the fashion-forward youth, molding its own style of fashion, concepts playing critical roles in today's tren...

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Way to Ongaku: Study Music in top Performing Japanese Universities

Music plays a key role in human life which is why many people want to pursue an academic career in music. Japan is home to some of the unique conservatories in the world. Venturing between the mix of ...

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Osaka University, One of the Most Prestigious Universities in Japan

Cover Photo: Bergmann / CC BY-SA 3.0 Osaka is a known tourist spot in Japan, but the city has more to offer than entertainment; it is also home to one of the most prestigious universities in J...

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Breakdown of Cost of Primary and Secondary Education in Japan

Education is important for a brighter, more stable future, and the Japanese government goes a long way into making sure that everyone receives this opportunity. Public primary and secondary education ...

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Breakdown and Ways to Mitigate the Cost of Living in Japan

Living in Japan can be very expensive when everyday costs start to pile up. Understand what makes the cost of living in Japan high and things you can do to reduce your expenses. When in Rome, do as th...

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Study in a Competitive University in Japan: What Students Need to Account for

Education has always been one of the few things that we will keep for all our life. Build yourself the foundation that you may need for a brighter future by studying in competitive universities in Jap...

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