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Express Your Wishes Properly; A Variety of Birthday Messages in Japanese

This special day only comes once upon a year so be sure that you are expressing it right! Did you know that birthday messages can be different depending on your relationship? No? Now you do. Here are ...

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No, Thank You; How to Politely and Properly Decline in Japanese

Japanese words can mean different things when on various occasions - are you certain you’re saying them right? There are situations when we have to decline someone out of politeness or personal ...

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Essential Japanese Phrases to Remember and Know when Traveling to Japan

You are traveling to Japan but you have no grasp of the local language? Worry not! Here are some of the essential phrases and words that you may need to make that travel a little easier and break what...

Japanese manners/etiquette conversation greeting phrase

15 Japanese Greetings to say Hello (and 5 to say Goodbye)

Greetings are often words that break the ice between distant acquaintances caused by long periods of time. The key to a good conversation is a good start, so start them well by making sure you are doi...

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Lost in Translation: How Learning to say “Thank you for Listening” in Japanese Improves Communication

In a place where nearly all of its population speaks the native tongue, you might find yourself lost, not in place, but in translation. Be heard, and be heard correctly. Here are some things to know w...

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How to Say Sorry in Japanese: in a culture that apologizes for everything

In Japan, people often apologize for many things. It doesn’t mean we are always personally in the wrong but rather, it shows awareness in our part in an interaction. Whether you are apologizing ...

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How to Say Thank You in Japanese: For All Types of Situations

Did you know that there are many different phrases to say thank you in Japanese? They vary depending on the formality of the situation and your relationship with the person. You want to show your grat...

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