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Blog Ideas When Living in Japan

Blogging can be a hobby or professional work; either way, it’s a fun and rewarding activity. Japan has been the subject of many blogs, attributed to the myriad of things to do and discover. If y...

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A Quick Guide for Exploring and Living in Japan as a Foreigner

A lot of people travel to Japan and stay. The reasons include better job opportunities, popular culture, or simply for personal reasons including falling in love with the country and its people; regar...

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15 Japanese Greetings to say Hello (and 5 to say Goodbye)

Greetings are often words that break the ice between distant acquaintances caused by long periods of time. The key to a good conversation is a good start, so start them well by making sure you are doi...

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Popular Japanese Phrases Common in Anime that You Can Use in Real Life

Anime has been a continually growing global trend, rising and falling in seasons but never really dying out. Anime character phrases can, at times, be more famous than the anime itself - why? Anime ph...

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How to Say Sorry in Japanese: in a culture that apologizes for everything

In Japan, people often apologize for many things. It doesn’t mean we are always personally in the wrong but rather, it shows awareness in our part in an interaction. Whether you are apologizing ...

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