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12 Things To Conquer in Saitama-ken, Japan

Along the borders of north Tokyo and part of the Greater Tokyo area is Saitama Prefecture. With Saitama City as its capital, some of the many wonders in Saitama include Kawagoe’s old town Edo la...

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The Ultimate List of Osaka's Best Attractions for Families

When it comes to exploring a city, there are simply not enough hours in the day, so you should prioritize some of the best that Osaka has to offer! This must-read list includes many things from Osaka&...

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Famous and Unique Osaka City Museums You Should Know About

Osaka City, the third largest in Japan, is not only rich in population, food, and technology but also with remarkable history and art! And that clearly shows in the numerous museums available; from ar...

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The World's First Digital Art Museum: Tokyo's Mori Building Digital Art Museum

Art brought to another level in the world's first digital art museum! A world of interactive digital art allowing viewers and visitors to walk and influence it is finally in Tokyo. The museum is a...

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A ride into the past: The Kyoto Railway Museum

Cover Photo: Rsa / CC BY-SA One of the most essential and favored methods of transportation in Japan are trains, which is why it is not a surprise to see an entire museum dedicated to it! The Ky...

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Experience Japan, Experience the Tokyo National Museum

Swords used by the ancient samurai, armor of warlords, and other artifacts are preserved for the world to see in the Tokyo National Museum. Experience the history of ages past in Japan - this is but a...

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Witness the Records of Ages Past in Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto was the old capital of Japan for a long period of time. The city witnessed the rise and fall of the nation, held and protected relics that serve as proof of Japanese history. Kyoto National Muse...

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