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What to do in Nara, the First Permanent Capital in Japan

Nara is one of the oldest cities in Japan that is named after its prefecture. The “Southern Capital” is more than a thousand-year-old history and has been home to different temples and shr...

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Not Only About Matcha: A guide of Uji, Kyoto

Famous for its production of green tea Uji may be, but steeped in history and tradition, there is more than meets the eye in little Uji - a trip to the past? or perhaps a stroll amidst the flowers? Wh...

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Taking a trip down the Old Capital: A 3-day Kyoto Itinerary

Kyoto is known for drawing the line between the remnants of historical experience and the effects of urbanization in Japan. Feel the deep-rooted culture and grand experience by digging into the severa...

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A look in to the home of Miyajima Torii: Itsukushima Shrine

If you are familiar with traveling spots in Japan, you've possibly seen photos of the floating torii of Miyajima. The floating torii of Miyaji, also known as Itsukujima Shrine, has its importance ...

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The Ultimate List of Osaka's Best Attractions for Families

When it comes to exploring a city, there are simply not enough hours in the day, so you should prioritize some of the best that Osaka has to offer! This must-read list includes many things from Osaka&...

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A Look into the Dominant Religions in Japan

Two religions are dominant in Japan; Shintoism and Buddhism. Japan has a deep history connected to the two that shaped and molded the nation into what it is today, influencing Japanese aesthetics, cul...

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Famous Shrines and Temples in Kyoto that You Must Visit

Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for the greater part of its history, and to date, the city is rich in cultural and religious heritage. There are countless beautiful and traditional temples and shr...

Travel temple sightseeing Kyoto Prefecture

Experience Kyoto: Traverse the Must-See Attractions, Popular Cultural Sites and Activities to Try

Kyoto had been a center of political and religious focus for a long period of time. Modern Kyoto retains many places from past periods and there are truly so many places to visit and activities to do....

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