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Takaragawa Onsen: The Luxury of Bathing and of Nature's Canvass

Takaragawa Onsen is one of the highest recommended hot springs in Gunma Prefecture. Enveloped by nature, the onsen makes a picturesque and relaxing scene. They also offer a unique mixed gender bath ex...

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A Lift to Charming Attractions: Hakone Ropeway

Hakone Ropeway is one of Hakone’s best attractions. Also a Guinness Record Holder, it brings visitors to some of Hakone’s star attractions like Owakudani and Ubako Onsen. Hakone Ropeway al...

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12 Things To Conquer in Saitama-ken, Japan

Along the borders of north Tokyo and part of the Greater Tokyo area is Saitama Prefecture. With Saitama City as its capital, some of the many wonders in Saitama include Kawagoe’s old town Edo la...

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Akita: Homeland of Japan's Loyal Pup

Akita is a coastal prefecture located in northern Honshu of Japan. The natural resource abundant prefecture is a popular tourist spot with several attractions, including an ancient samurai district, h...

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The Gero Onsen Experience in Gifu Prefecture

As many of you might know, Japan has many active volcanoes - therefore it has many naturally occurring onsens or hot springs all over the country. In this article we will cover one such popular hot sp...

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Gunma: The Perfect Land for Adventure

Surrounded by land, bordered by mountains, and centred in the island of Honshu lies Gunma. Hot springs, snow sports, local delicacies, nature spots, whatever it is you’re looking for, Gunma is s...

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Visiting the Most Active Volcano in Japan, Sakurajima

Japan’s landscapes carry a gentle aura often associated with its polite society. However, by nature every card has a flip side. In contrast with the softness of sakura petals, and the lively col...

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The Ultimate List of Osaka's Best Attractions for Families

When it comes to exploring a city, there are simply not enough hours in the day, so you should prioritize some of the best that Osaka has to offer! This must-read list includes many things from Osaka&...

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Osaka’s Traditional Onsen and Popular Relaxing Hot Springs

When we talk about places to visit in Japan, onsen are definitely one of the things to experience that has gained popularity among foreign visitors. In Osaka there are many well-known onsen, boasting ...

Travel hotel/accomodation hot springs sightseeing Osaka Prefecture

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