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Trip Across Japan with Tokaido Shinkansen

Japan is the pioneer of high-speed railway since the debut of its bullet train, the Shinkansen. The Tokaido Shinkansen that began operation in 1964 was the first of its kind bringing a whole new metho...

Travel transportation fee bullet train transportation Tokyo Kansai (Kinki) Region Kanto Region

Guide to Using Osaka Subway Map

Riding a train is a typical mode of transportation in Japan. One of the most important in the vast Osaka area would be the Osaka Metro. Educating oneself with its design is a huge step towards underst...

Travel subway station bullet train transportation Osaka Prefecture

Japan Bullet Train: An Adventure in just a snap!

Japan is home to various technological inventions and advancements, the Shinkansen or the Bullet Train being one. As there are many ways of convenient traveling within Japan, discover the country by t...

Travel transportation fee bullet train transportation

An essential ticket for traveling: The Japan Rail Pass

When talking about traveling in Japan, then you can not ignore its extensive rail systems. As a major method of transportation, a special deal is offered to foreign visitors! Japan Rail Pass is an unl...

Travel transportation fee bullet train transportation

A ride into the past: The Kyoto Railway Museum

Cover Photo: Rsa / CC BY-SA One of the most essential and favored methods of transportation in Japan are trains, which is why it is not a surprise to see an entire museum dedicated to it! The Ky...

Travel railway museum bullet train Kyoto Prefecture

Exploring Kyoto, Osaka and Nara: The recommended way to travel between the Kansai Trio

As two of the major tourist spots in Japan, Osaka and Kyoto are practically neighbors, which is why so many tourists travel between the cities seeking more sites to explore. Expectedly there are top-r...

Travel transit smart card transportation fee bullet train bus transportation Kyoto Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Nara Prefecture

Osaka to Tokyo and back: The expeditive and affordable ways to travel

Osaka and Tokyo are easily among the most prominent cities and tourist destinations in Japan, which is why there are so many methods to travel between the two cities. Depending on your budget, conveni...

Travel transportation fee bullet train bus transportation Tokyo Osaka Prefecture Overnight bus

Century-Old Tokyo Station: The Gateway to Your Destinations

Traveling is a novel experience for those from out of town in Japan. Train systems connect much of Japan, allowing smooth transportation, and Tokyo Station stands out from the rest. One of Japan&rsquo...

Travel subway station bullet train sightseeing transportation Tokyo

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