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18 Reasons to Explore Commercial Paradise Shibuya

Youth paradise Shibuya, Tokyo has a plethora of activities, whether for a thrilling outing or spots to chillax. As one of the most popular spots for foreigners and locals alike, this city is constantl...

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Movie Inspired Attractions at Universal Studios Japan

When it comes to Japan's Universal Studios, many rides and attractions have been inspired by famous movies. From popular mascots like the Minions to the Amazing Spiderman, Universal Studios delive...

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Breakdown and Structure of Kyoto City Population

Kyoto is more than a city in Japan, it bears a long historical emblem of the country’s culture, and still holds much importance in the current era. Kyoto is among the most populous cities in Jap...

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Deconstructing and understanding Osaka’s population

Osaka is a major city in the island nation of culture. A place for business and tourism, the city continuously attracts people from different places within the country as well as from overseas, transl...

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Who are the Gaikokujin?: Number of Foreigners in Japan

For various reasons, foreigners have considered Japan as their sanctuary, permanently or temporarily. As travelling has become commonplace for many people, Japan serves as the receiving end of such a ...

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Tokyo, the Largest City Population in the World

Tokyo is the largest city in the world in terms of population. The capital of Japan itself is a world of its own, but how big is the city and population really? Learn more about how Tokyo got its high...

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