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Kurashiki, A Scenic Town of History

A charming city where history comes to live, Kurashiki is a compact town with lots to offer. The city’s best attractions are centred around Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, the pride of Kuras...

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Winter Highlights of Sapporo: Snow and Beer

Sapporo, the metropolis of the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan, embodies popular events and spots tourists shouldn’t wait to visit. And while it’s a great city year-round, it’s ex...

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Sapporo Snow Festival: A Magical Winter Experience

The famous Sapporo Snow Festival or Yuki Matsuri, is held annually during the coldest season of Japan. The event is held in three different locations and highlights various activities from day to nigh...

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J-Rock: Must-know Japanese Rockstars and Rock Events

Among the various kinds of Japanese entertainment people have enjoyed for years, Japanese rock or J-Rock is something that has maintained its presence and popularity. Not only are there subgenres for ...

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Akita: Homeland of Japan's Loyal Pup

Akita is a coastal prefecture located in northern Honshu of Japan. The natural resource abundant prefecture is a popular tourist spot with several attractions, including an ancient samurai district, h...

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Shukujitsu & Saijitsu: Preserving Culture Through Holidays

Many countries around the world legislated different dates in their respective calendars to be holidays. In Japan, there is a two-fold understanding of what a holiday means. Regardless of their design...

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Autumn in Japan: Famous Festivals and Momijigari

Japan's autumn is best known for the beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange found in the leaves. The foliage of the autumn trees, along with the comfortable weather, make it a fantastic time ...

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