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Japanese Yen; Brief History and Miracle of the Currency of Japan

A country’s currency not only represents its history, possibility, and power, it also gives light to the economic prosperity of the nation. The Japanese yen has quite a shocking history, to whic...

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Explore and have fun at the Tokyo International Forum Hall

The Tokyo International Forum Hall is more than an architectural wonder. Aside from hosting big concerts of both local and international artists, there are also many things that you can do including s...

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Time travel back to Edo Japan in an hour from Tokyo: a Guide of Kawagoe

Have you ever imagined yourself walking through the narrow streets during Edo Japan in traditional clothing? For options other than the Nikko Edo Wonderland in Kanto, pay a visit to Kawagoe that is on...

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A Look into the Emperors of Japan and the Imperial Family

Japan has been ruled by many emperors throughout its long, and rich history, a tradition that to some extent, continued to the current era. Japan is also claimed to be the oldest monarchy in the world...

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Promising ventures for missionary candidates desiring to work in Japan

Japan welcomes people of different religions, one of which is Christianity. Throughout history, the country has had an interesting relationship with the religion and has been a place for Christian mis...

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Osaka's Famous Landmark: The Tsutenkaku Tower

When it comes to famous towers in Japan, standing proud in Osaka is the rebuilt and redesigned Tsutenkaku Tower. A time-honored second generation tower with an abundance of beauty and history, it incr...

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Deconstructing and understanding Osaka’s population

Osaka is a major city in the island nation of culture. A place for business and tourism, the city continuously attracts people from different places within the country as well as from overseas, transl...

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Captivating Photography: History, Culture and Jobs in Japan

Photography has come a long way in Japan’s history and has helped to capture crucial moments in history to be preserved forever. Photography can be a hobby, made possible by Japan’s innova...

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Experience Kyoto: Traverse the Must-See Attractions, Popular Cultural Sites and Activities to Try

Kyoto had been a center of political and religious focus for a long period of time. Modern Kyoto retains many places from past periods and there are truly so many places to visit and activities to do....

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