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Kyoto Tower: A landmark to last for ages

The Kyoto Tower stands out from the rest of the city, serving as an icon of the mix of Japanese culture and modernization in the most elegant city of Japan. It’s not only a great view of the cit...

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Osaka Castle: Taking a step back into the past

If you are a fan of the Japanese culture, then this tourist destination can not be left unvisited! Osaka Castle is a castle built fit for a lord with gardens, citadels, moats, and of course, hundreds ...

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Tokyo to Hold Olympics for the Second Time

Japan has prior experience in holding the Olympics and has never failed to deliver. While the world awaits as Tokyo hosts the Olympics for the second time, here are a few things you should know to app...

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Woodworking Arts: how the Japanese of a millennium ago built to last

An art that lasted for a millennium and will continue to do so; Japanese woodworking is more than a traditional craft. Learn more about the wonders of the art of Japanese woodworking and even yet, exp...

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Kyoto Imperial Palace and its rich history

One of the famous tourist destinations in Japan is the majestic Kyoto Imperial Palace. A place where power was once proudly displayed, this palace is sure to capture everyone’s curious eyes with...

Travel history sightseeing Kyoto Prefecture

Places in Japan that famous anime are based on and what to do there

If you’re a big anime fan, you want to visit the “seichi” (holy ground) of famous anime in Japan. Not only are these locations themselves special to fans, but they are places worth a...

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