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Art of Pottery: Ceramics in Japan

Ceramics and the art of pottery had been in Japan for a long time. Surpassing the basic necessity of storing food, it has been used for different cultural practices such as tea ceremonies and also has...

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Japan Culture: The Masked Dance Drama, Noh

Noh is one of the oldest forms of dance theatre not just in Japan but in the world. Its most notable characteristic, the Noh mask, can look creepy to some people. Learn more about the art of Noh, its ...

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Famous Painters and Paintings in Japan

Painting has been one of the oldest forms of artistic expression in Japan. Japanese artists have developed a wide variety of genres and styles over centuries. This article will shed light on the progr...

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Art Teaching Job Opportunity in Japan for Foreigners

Japan offers a wide variety of unique experiences and opportunities, especially in teaching Japanese art. It covers a wide variety of unique styles that are often reflective of Japan’s tradition...

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Explore and have fun at the Tokyo International Forum Hall

The Tokyo International Forum Hall is more than an architectural wonder. Aside from hosting big concerts of both local and international artists, there are also many things that you can do including s...

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Woodworking Arts: how the Japanese of a millennium ago built to last

An art that lasted for a millennium and will continue to do so; Japanese woodworking is more than a traditional craft. Learn more about the wonders of the art of Japanese woodworking and even yet, exp...

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Places in Japan that famous anime are based on and what to do there

If you’re a big anime fan, you want to visit the “seichi” (holy ground) of famous anime in Japan. Not only are these locations themselves special to fans, but they are places worth a...

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