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Welfare and Style on a Daily Basis: Japan’s Mask Culture

Even before the coronavirus struck the world, Japanese people often wore masks - both for sanitary purposes and to comply with the standards of the community. This practice may have helped lessen the ...

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Glasses in Japan: Getting Your Eyewear in a Blink

Whether it is to correct one’s eyesight or an accessory to complete an outfit, there’s no doubt that spectacles are invaluable to our daily lives. Now that you’re here, you may be wo...

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All about Textile industry Jobs in Japan

Japan’s textile industry is notable for its diversified ventures and global links. Along with the existing demands of a more environment-conscious society, the industry asserts itself through co...

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Basic Grooming and Workwear Standards in Japanese Companies

Because of workplace formality in Japan, there are certain things that should be taken notice of when dressing and grooming yourself before reporting for work. From your hairstyle to the shoes on your...

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New Class of Style Icons: Study Fashion Design in Japan

Japan has made its marks globally in all aspects of fashion. It continuously influences the fashion-forward youth, molding its own style of fashion, concepts playing critical roles in today's tren...

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Japanese Phrases that You Must Know When Shopping  

Are you planning to travel to Japan for the first time? Japan has numerous malls, fashion centers and places to shop, but people are often hesitant to go because they lack Japanese language skills. Do...

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