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Japan Visa: Can you change your tourist visa to a working visa in Japan? and other topics

Japan draws people from all over the world but in order to enter and work in Japan, you need a visa. And sometimes, you need to change your visa status - most people do so they can work. So what does ...

Work Changing Visa Status Work Visa Student Visa visa marriage visa

Becoming a Specified Skilled Worker in Japan

Demographic changes partnered with continuous economic growth in Japan demand an increase in the workforce. Skilled workers participate directly with this increasing demand. Their significance with th...

Work Changing Visa Status Work Visa visa Specified Skilled Worker

Changing, Renewing or Extending your Visa Status in Japan and Work Support in regards to COVID-19 (As of August 26, 2020)

Due to the effects of COVID-19, special processes for changing or renewing your visa status as well as work support measures are being created for people who want to enter Japan and those who want to ...

Life Changing Visa Status Work Visa Student Visa visa Status of Residence For those living in Japan For those not living in Japan

The Basics of Changing Jobs in Japan

Changing jobs may be normal in other countries to keep up with the rapid changes in the corporate world, but there are some rules to be followed when it is done in Japan. Here are some things that you...

Work Changing Visa Status Work Visa visa Job-hunting change jobs

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