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Japan’s Unemployment rate trend; secure yourself via the Unemployment Insurance

Not knowing what the future holds, it is always important to prepare for the unexpected. Though small, a portion of Japan’s population is unemployed, so it’s important to know about the un...

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Deconstructing Costs of Childbirth in Japan

Starting a family demands sufficient knowledge about the financial needs to sustain it. Before expenses cover childcare, childbirth costs should be taken into account. The cost of childbirth in Japan ...

Life health insurance social insurance / social security child-rearing expenses

A Brief Introduction to Living in Japan with a Physical Disability

Japan has active laws and programs to help those with a disability, assisting them in their daily lives. Learn more about how the Japanese society does it and some of the kinds of support one can get ...

Life social insurance / social security health service

A Comprehensive Explanation of the Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance in Japan

We cannot see the future; that is why we have to prepare even for events that we do not wish to happen. Understanding the Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance of Japan and how to apply for i...

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Workplace Etiquette in Japan: How to Quit Your Job

Quitting your job in Japan may be quite different as compared to other countries, and if you have to leave, you should do it properly. Relationships are to be valued, and rules are to be followed. Mak...

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