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Buddhism: Studying the Pathway of Enlightenment in Japanese Society

Buddhism is one of Japan’s principal religions, and the fourth-largest practiced belief in the world. Buddhism has had a great impact on Japanese society, bringing with it incredible cultural in...

Culture history tradition

Not Only About Matcha: A guide of Uji, Kyoto

Famous for its production of green tea Uji may be, but steeped in history and tradition, there is more than meets the eye in little Uji - a trip to the past? or perhaps a stroll amidst the flowers? Wh...

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Satisfyingly expensive to surprisingly cheap: The average cost of a sushi meal in Japan

When people are talking about Japanese food, sushi is usually the first thing that pops into our minds. Its reputation around the world has made it a staple when it comes to Japanese food. In taking a...

Life food food expenses tradition sushi

The cost of eating washoku in Japan

The quintessential cuisine, washoku, is the Japanese traditional and indigenous food. Made from natural, locally sourced ingredients, and with basic knowledge and skills in the proper seasoning of hom...

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Traditional Japanese New Year’s Food That You Must Have

Enjoy the taste, and know the history of traditional Japanese new year’s food! From special boxed meals to bitter oranges, eating new year’s food is both symbolic and satisfying. Before yo...

Culture food holiday New Year's tradition

A Brief Introduction to Traditional Japanese Houses

Be it the physical freedom in having space, or the freedom in aesthetic design, living in a house in Japan just offers a different feel as compared to apartments. Japanese houses have a different layo...

Culture manners/etiquette hotel/accomodation tradition

A look in to the home of Miyajima Torii: Itsukushima Shrine

If you are familiar with traveling spots in Japan, you've possibly seen photos of the floating torii of Miyajima. The floating torii of Miyaji, also known as Itsukujima Shrine, has its importance ...

Travel temple sightseeing tradition Hiroshima Prefecture Chugoku Region sea/beach

Gion: In the Past and Now of Kyoto

Gion is known for its traditional streets with Geisha walking down the alleys; however, Gion is way more than that! Other than geishas and the old street view, let us take a deeper look into the histo...

Travel sightseeing tradition Kyoto Prefecture Kansai (Kinki) Region

Time travel back to Edo Japan in an hour from Tokyo: a Guide of Kawagoe

Have you ever imagined yourself walking through the narrow streets during Edo Japan in traditional clothing? For options other than the Nikko Edo Wonderland in Kanto, pay a visit to Kawagoe that is on...

Travel history sightseeing tradition Tokyo Kanto Region

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