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Okonomiyaki: How to Make and Where to Eat This Osaka Meal Pancake in Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is a pizza-like pancake, famous in Osaka and Hiroshima. Find out what it is, how to make it and where you can get the best okonomiyaki, not in their birthplaces, but in Tokyo! Once you try...

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The 47 Ronin, Their Graves and Where to Find Them

The 47 Ronin story is known as one of the greatest tales of vengeance in history. It depicts the loyalty of samurai to their master, and has been the inspiration for many works of art since. Many peop...

Culture History and Religion temples / shrines Tokyo

Appreciating the Sumida Hokusai Museum

One popular historical art style in Japan was Ukiyo-e which is Japanese woodblock prints. This article will focus on the fairly new Sumida Hokusai Museum which honors Hokusai, one of the most famous U...

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