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A Lift to Charming Attractions: Hakone Ropeway

Hakone Ropeway is one of Hakone’s best attractions. Also a Guinness Record Holder, it brings visitors to some of Hakone’s star attractions like Owakudani and Ubako Onsen. Hakone Ropeway al...

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The Historical Capitals of Japan

The capital cities of Japan have aided the nation towards developments and legacies throughout its long history, contributing to what it is today. The shifting of a capital city is no small matter, an...

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Get to Know Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan

Japan is a well-known country because of its culture and well-visited locations, and Kanagawa might be one of the best places for both! The economic and political advances in Kanagawa plus its preserv...

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The Coastal City of Japan, Yokohama

When people who have been to Yokohama are asked about the city, the beauty of the coastal views is the first thing they would remember. This populated city began as a small fishing town and is now Jap...

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Enoshima: The island of Entertainment

As Japan is famous for its culture and tradition, it is also well-known for its breath-taking sceneries! You can glimpse the exemplary shape of Mount Fuji on your way to this beautiful island. Enoshim...

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