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18 Reasons to Explore Commercial Paradise Shibuya

Youth paradise Shibuya, Tokyo has a plethora of activities, whether for a thrilling outing or spots to chillax. As one of the most popular spots for foreigners and locals alike, this city is constantl...

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Cost and Other Essential Information about Manga in Japan

The Japanese style of comic art and comic books, manga, is famous not only in Japan but across the world. The art evolved throughout the years, but its popularity only grew. Fans who visit Japan often...

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Afraid of the Dark? Famous Japanese Horror Movies

There are many ways individuals can entertain themselves, and watching a scary horror flick is just one of them! Japan tops the list in movies that will scare you and haunt you long after you turn off...

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Cost of Becoming Electronic-savvy in Japan

Cost of Becoming Electronic-savvy in Japan For the past decades, Japan introduced itself to the world through its enormous electronics industry. As it attracts people of different walks of life in ...

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Legacy of the Bluefin Tuna: Costs and relevance to the Japanese diet

Bluefin tuna is renowned as one of the top-class tuna and one of the most prized fish in the Japanese restaurant industry. This expensive high-grade fish is usually served in top-notch sushi and sashi...

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Satisfy your craving: Foreign and Local Fast-food brands in Japan

If you are planning to travel to Japan, then it would be good to know if your favorite fast-food brand is ever-present in the country, competing with the local chains. The best part is to try the uniq...

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Tokyo DisneySea: A nautical adventure for all

This amazingly unique nautical theme park located in Urayasu, Japan is a trip you wouldn't want to miss. Japan's Tokyo DisneySea offers a one-in-a-kind place for even the older fans of Disney ...

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Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium: A World Tour Inside a Single Museum

A trip around the whole world in a single day, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan offers 16 different settings from the Aqua Gates, letting you walk among the swimming fish to the cute penguins and wide-eyed...

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Real Life Places that Transpired in Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul took the world by storm with its fast-paced story, presenting both physical and moral struggles. The settings from the famous anime and manga were actually inspired by real-life places. Kn...

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