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How to Professionally Exchange Business Cards in Japan

Business cards can be seen as an extension of yourself in Japan, and there are set standards of doing things. Exchanging business cards is simple diplomacy that, in light cases, can affect people&rsqu...

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Words of Appreciation: Saying Thank You and You're Welcome in Japanese

“Thank you” and “You’re welcome” often play a part in Japanese conversations. They are used to show appreciation, but there are rules to be followed depending on the rela...

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15 Japanese Greetings to say Hello (and 5 to say Goodbye)

Greetings are often words that break the ice between distant acquaintances caused by long periods of time. The key to a good conversation is a good start, so start them well by making sure you are doi...

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Japanese Hospitality: How the Japanese express “Thank you for coming”

Words to express gratitude are always lovely to hear more-so if the other party goes out of their way to speak it in your mother tongue. The Japanese language has a variety of words for similar situat...

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