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A Recreational Getaway at Karuizawa, Japan

Karuizawa is a Japanese resort town sitting at the foot of a Category A-classed volcano, Mount Asama. Some wealthy families own a second home in this one-of-a-kind borough. Recreational activities are...

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Guide to the Fiery Volcanoes of Japan

No adventure within nature in Japan is ever complete without visiting at least one volcano, appreciating it from far or near. Scattered with mountains and volcanoes, foreign visitors can always add a ...

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Kyoto Botanical Gardens: A Relaxing Place to Explore the Oldest Garden All-Year Round

Kyoto is a prime tourist destination as it captures the more traditional side of Japan. Aside from the usual tourist destinations in Kyoto such as the Shinto Shrine and Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Kyoto is als...

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