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Reimagining Spaces: Jobs on Interior Design in Japan

“Bespoke” is jargon within the interior design profession which means favoring personal preference on designs. The contemporary importance of personal narratives redefines aesthetics and a...

Work Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services For those living in Japan For those not living in Japan

Things that you must know to avoid culture shock before living in Japan

Japan has a rich, deep cultural background with different beliefs and traditions that may come as both shocking and intriguing for foreigners. Understanding the differences can help you better appreci...

Culture communication workplace For those not living in Japan

Informative Guide for Tourist Visa Requirements in Japan

Many people around the world have always wanted to experience the wonders of Japan. From its natural marvels to its rich culture, Japan has something to offer for everyone. Securing a tourist visa is ...

Travel visa For those not living in Japan

Changing, Renewing or Extending your Visa Status in Japan and Work Support in regards to COVID-19 (As of August 26, 2020)

Due to the effects of COVID-19, special processes for changing or renewing your visa status as well as work support measures are being created for people who want to enter Japan and those who want to ...

Life Changing Visa Status Work Visa Student Visa visa Status of Residence For those living in Japan For those not living in Japan

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