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Deconstructing the Japanese after-work culture: Nomikai

After-work celebrations may be an occasional part of an employee’s work experience. Meanwhile, in Japan, it is not treated merely as something fitting a special occasion. Instead, it is often an...

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The Famous Salaryman: Japan’s typical Office Worker Explained

Salaryman is the term used to denote Japan’s office workers. Living the corporate life in Japan is treated as a cultural status as it is what the economy relies upon. Understanding an office wor...

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How the Goal of Attaining Work Life Balance Benefits Workers in Japan

Since the Japanese government launched labor reforms in 2018, thus establishing greater work life balance, employees are enjoying more and more concessions in the form of better labor conditions, sust...

Work work hours work life balance

How the working hours in Japan merits employee and employer

Japan boasts some of the world’s best workplace productivity, and one of the reasons lies their working hours. Learn more about the flexibility and merits associated with the Japanese work sched...

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