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Headhunting for Talent in Japan

There is a growing trend in Japan where recruitment agencies, or ‘headhunters’, supply the workforce demand of employers. Take a look at how headhunters play a crucial role in Japan's ...

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Going for a job-hunting endeavor in Japan: Key tips and reminders

Job hunting requires a lot of patience and persistence, including in countries with great opportunity such as Japan. However, there are definitely means that one could resort to in making it easier to...

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Reasons Why Foreigners Consider Working in Japan

It may be short-term compensation, long-term financial stability, or other personal reasons that many choose to live and work in Japan. We may have our own reasons; but if you need that final push to ...

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How to Properly Prepare Yourself For Your Job Interview in Japan

Job interviews can sometimes be the deciding factor in getting into your dream company, and Japan has a different take and set of expectations as compared to a western setting. Learn what questions yo...

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Driving a Powerhouse Economy: The Most Common Jobs in Japan

Japan’s strong economy is propelled by major industries of the country with their respective shares in the country’s workforce. With an expanded perspective towards the distribution of the...

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Workplace Etiquette in Japan: How to Quit Your Job

Quitting your job in Japan may be quite different as compared to other countries, and if you have to leave, you should do it properly. Relationships are to be valued, and rules are to be followed. Mak...

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The Basics of Changing Jobs in Japan

Changing jobs may be normal in other countries to keep up with the rapid changes in the corporate world, but there are some rules to be followed when it is done in Japan. Here are some things that you...

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